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Another life lately post – This time it’s my quarter three catch up! (I really need to get cracking with some proper posts that aren’t diary style don’t I?). Pictured above is my sister’s GORGEOUS cavachonpoo puppy – She isn’t quite ready to join the family just yet and the photo is totally unrelated to the post but I felt like I simply had to share a photo of her to bless your feed with her cuteness. On with the post!

Seeing Kyle Falconer perform live (and meeting him!)

We went to see Kyle Falconer (front man of Scottish band The View) in Leeds and he was AMAZING. Usually the crowds don’t go too crazy in England – hence why we go to Scotland to see the band – but Leeds really turned up and it was mental…I loved it. We also got to meet the man himself which was pretty cool – Jody turned into a school boy and I tried to play it cool but failed. Sadly we didn’t get a photo but we did get a signed t shirt and he played one of our favourite songs that we have never seen live so *shrugs*

A week in Norfolk with my barmy family

Man, this feels like a million years ago now! In July Jody and I packed up our car and headed down to the Norfolk Broads to spend a week with my family. Although there was some arguments and some tantrums, over all the week was a success and I LOVED Norwich city centre and Great Yarmouth.

Moving out of our little house and back into my parents

For some people, moving back in with their mum and dad would be classed as a massive fail but as the situation was out of my control, I’m not too bothered. They’re pretty easy going and I LOVE my room – Plus I can save a shit tonne of money now that I live at home meaning a mortgage isn’t an unrealistic possibility anymore.

Changing all of the jewellery in my piercings

I’ve had blue jewellery in my piercings (rook, forward helix, tragus, stretched ear) for a while now so I figured it was time for a change. I made a quick order on Body Jewellery Shop and came away with some rose gold goodies and they look really good. I’m pretty tempted to order some hoops from Astrid & Miyu for my lobes but I dunno if I can justify the cost just yet. I’ll maybe put them on my list for Santa.

Buying Russell Kane tickets

I adore Russell Kane so when he announced his ‘The fast and the curious’ tour I knew I would be getting tickets. I ended up getting tickets for his Middlesborough show (We are in Mexico when he is in York) and I can’t wait. Only eight months to go!

Killing Eve

OH MY DAYS. Killing Eve stars Jodie Comer (Chloe from My Mad Fat Diary) and Sandra Oh (Grey’s anatomy and Principal Gupta from The Princess Diaries) and is written by Phoebe Waller-Bridge (Fleabag) and it is SO SO good. I would probably describe it as a black comedy/drama thing – It can be pretty gruesome in parts, it’s thrilling, it’s shocking aswell as being funny and well written. Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh are the TITS and the supporting cast are great too. All eight episodes are on bbc Iplayer so go go go! (and it’s been renewed for a second series – yasss).

See The Courteeners in Hull

Husband bloody loves The Courteeners so when tickets for their tour were announced I was told to be sat at my computer early, ready to score some tickets. Due to crazy demand I couldn’t get any for Leeds or Manchester but I did bag some for Hull – And tbh, I’m not mad as the arena is pretty small, only holding 3,500 people.

Attending the Christmas fair at Ripon Cathedral

I went to the Ripon Cathedral Christmas fair with my Nannie and my Auntie last year and I loved it. I came away with loads of Wensleydale cheese, some delicious chutney and artisan brownies and this year I hope will be the same. It was a really nice way to spend a morning and I can’t wait to go again.

Celebrate Christmas, my FAVOURITE time of the year

OBVIOUSLY Christmas is one of my big plans for the next quarter! (I’ve been super organised this year and I’ve already bought and wrapped half of the presents I needed to get). I’m super lucky that I get two weeks off over Christmas as I work at a construction company so I can really indulge and get into the Christmas spirit.

So tell me: How was the third quarter of the year for you? Any plans for the fourth and final one?!

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