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Hello friends! Today I’m sharing some snapshots from a leisurely day spent in Leeds with the husband.

As usual, we parked at Hornbeam Park (Harrogate) and got the train into Leeds. At £8 for a return it just makes sense – We both hate driving in big cities and parking in one is never much fun either. The train is heaving cos Leeds were playing but we managed to bag a seat.

When we arrived in Leeds we had an hour to kill before our booking at a restaurant in the Trinity Centre. I had a look in Topshop and River Island but nothing really took my fancy (Thank god cos I’m trying to save). I made the executive decision to tackle Primark after Jody had eaten – He’s so much more malleable when he’s fed and have you ever tried taking a hungry husband around a shopping centre on a Saturday? Not a great idea.

For dinner we had reservations at Absurd Bird in the Trinity Kitchen. It’s only a little food truck, fast food kinda place but if you pre-book they have a really good ‘Party Saturday’ deal – A chicken burger, fries and a bottle of bud for a tenner. Not too bad huh?

Jody went for ‘The Big Rooster’: Two fried chicken breasts, American cheese, bacon, crispy onions, salad, tomato and bbq sauce. On it’s own it costs £9.55 so Jody got fries (£2.25). and a bud (£4.25) for 45p…Bargain right?

I went for ‘The Chicken Don’ which consisted of a fried chicken breast, mayo, rocket, tomato, red onions and garlic & parmesan sauce. I got the same deal as Jody but as I don’t drink bud, I have him mine and got myself a coke. I also slapped some cheese sauce on my fries for an additional fee but the bill still only ended up coming to £22. 

Even though my try looks a bit like something has thrown up on it, the burger was really, really good. The chicken was super juicy and the skin/batter/whatever it was was to die for. I ate all of my burger and it’s rare I finish something like that! I would definitely go back and I’d highly recommend that if you do plan on going, book ahead.

 They have excellent deals on pretty much every day so it’s worth it.

After lunch we tackled Primark and as per usual, I fell in love with all sorts. I didn’t go too crazy though and actually put a lot back (probably cos I could feel Jody’s eyes burning a whole in the back of my skull). I came away with some things I needed – heels for a wedding, cosy socks to wear with my DM’s – but I also bought some bits I didn’t need (of course) – A fluffy scarf and a velvet dress (yes like the green one mentioned in this post but Cadbury’s purple). 

Then, it was to the other end of Leeds to go to The Light, home of Escape Hunt. 

Jody and I completed our first escape room in Prague back in January and we both LOVED it (We did it in an hour and ten minutes – We got ten mins extra because some of the puzzles messed up AND we were the last booking). It was hard but it was a lot of fun and we’ve been itching to do one ever since. We were supposed to go to Escape Hunt at the beginning of September but cos of other things going on, we had to re-schedule.

We opted to have a go at ‘Our Finest Hour’ a WW2 themed game. The premise is simple: You have to solve a series of clues in order to complete the mission and escape the room.

As we found the one in Prague challenging, but do-able, we were feeling pretty confident about ‘Our Finest Hour’. No spoilers (obvs) but this one was an absolute ball buster.

You had to really use your noodle to get through the room and at one point both of us were just like…Eh? 

Because of this we did have a couple of hints – Although we did get three hints for the same puzzle and were stuck on said puzzle for what felt like a life time – but I don’t think we had too many if you know what I mean.

Our host said that the game we chose was actually the hardest escape room in Leeds (didn’t realise that when we signed up for it…) but despite this, we managed to complete out mission. Well, we did it one hour ten seconds but ten seconds is nothing right?

When our host came to open the door he said that we actually did really well despite the couple of hints he gave us and he said we were easily one of the most entertaining teams he had had in there ( Although Jody did threaten to divorce me if the host didn’t help us with the clue at one point). We might not have been the smartest team in the world but one of the funniest? I’ll take that.

So the husband and I had a pretty sweet day in Leeds. The food was delicious, the shopping was good and the escape room was GREAT – They have a pirate themed room so I will definitely be heading back some time in the near future.

And that was our day in Leeds! So tell me: Have you ever done an escape room? Did you solve the puzzles and escape?

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