Three things: Ugly jumper season is upon us, a silly old bear and new nails, new me

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I’ve gotten really bad at this blogging thing as of late haven’t I? I’ve been so busy moving out of my rented house and into my parents that I haven’t really had time to breathe, let alone blog. Things are starting to settle down now though so hopefully I’ll be blogging a lot more.

Heads up – This post contains an affiliate link.

I first saw this Monki tiger print jumper on Kate La Vie. I initially resisted it as I didn’t want to pay the Monki website delivery fee of £4. Then I saw Lily Melrose wearing it on an Insta-story and  again, I resisted it. THEN Lily shared it on her story again as a swipe up and the temptation got too much.

The jumper only cost me £18 (thanks student discount) the print is so me it hurts and it’s perfect for the in-betweeny climate we are in at the moment – It’s thin so you can wear it on it’s own but it’s this trait that also makes it great for layering with chunky cardigans and warm coats.

Another jumper I bagged was this Primark one for £10…Well, I gave my mum the money and she went and got me it – I can’t be trusted in Primark anymore so if I see something online I tend to send someone to look for it for me so I don’t sink £70.

It’s actually kinda ugly but I love that about it – If you can’t tell I love an ugly jumper, especially one like this as it is quite unique to anything else I’ve seen. As it’s black it’s super easy to style – I like to keep things simple with black jeans, boots and a bobble hat as the faux fur in leopard and cream is loud enough without anything else added to the mix! Next on my list is the one covered in pom poms.

Oh Christopher Robin.

What a beautiful, lovely, heart-warming movie.

After a super shitty week, watching a movie about a bunch of soft toys helping their now grown up friend re-discover his inner child and zest for life was the perfect tonic.

I was smiling like a Cheshire Cat the entire time we were watching it and Jody admitted to me afterwards that he almost went (ie cried) a couple of times.

All of us can learn something from Christopher Robin – Whether it’s remembering to make time for friends and family, remembering that sometimes work isn’t the be all and end all or remembering to have some bloody fun and I implore you guys to watch it if you haven’t already (if anything, watch it for the nostalgia).

Furthermore, I related to Pooh on so many levels – Always hungry, always tired and sometimes you don’t necessarily need something but sometimes you would like it as it would make you happy. His simple outlook on life was such a pure and wonderful thing.

(Eeyore was also a great character too and I found Brad Garrett (i.e Ray Romano of ‘Everybody Love Raymond’s’ brother) to be the perfect fit to play the role – His voice was perfect).

PS – We went to the Everyman (we had a gift card) to see this so it felt even more luxurious. Jody had a burger and I had cheese fries and we both thought the food was pretty good for cinema grub. Buuuut if we hadn’t had a gift card it would have been a bloody extortionate visit so thank you sister!

At the beginning of the year I treated myself to gel extensions (again, with the aid of a gift card from my sister – She’s such a babe) but I had a bad experience with them as they kept pinging off. After this I scrapped them, instead deciding on gel manicures – And again, they just kept peeling.

As much as I loved having fresh nails, my experiences were disappointing and it put me off spending money on something that wouldn’t last…Then Jody got me a voucher for a local beauty salon.

After checking out their Instagram I had a feeling we would be a match made in heaven (lot’s and lots of glitter and pastels) so I opted for a full set of acrylics as I hoped they would be more durable.

And so far, so good.

As you can see I opted for a claw shape in rose gold and I think they look really good. I’m really happy with how they turned out and the nail technician I booked in with was lovely.

It’s been four days since I got them and they are still looking pretty good so fingers crossed that this time around I’ve found a winner.

So tell me: What have you guys been up too?

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