Three things: In sickness and in health, pretty purchases and a good old movie recommendation

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Aaaand I’m bored of the weekly edit already. Oops! I guess I just can’t be bothered to commit to a weekly post at this moment in time. I felt like posting today though so here we are – Three things from this week that I fancied writing a paragraph or two about (FYI – This won’t be weekly). Heads up, this post contains some affiliate links.

The husband started feeling ill last Thursday and despite numerous efforts to function like a normal human, he finally admitted defeat and went to see the doctor. Turned out he has the flu, an ear infection AND a chest infection…Nice. This means it’s been a pretty boring week in our household and I’ve been trying to keep the noise and fuss to a minimum (hence the lack of blog posts). It’s awful seeing him so poorly as he never ever gets sick but hopefully the antibiotics kick in soon (plus we really need to start the moving process – At the moment we are surrounded by cardboard!).

PS – The above photo is obviously from better times (Liam Gallagher in London times to be precise).

I say treats but let’s have it right, I treat myself at least twice a week – I really need to rein my spending back in, I was doing SO well before we went to London. Anyhow, this week I bought a gorgeous Rare London dress – I was totally influenced by Katie Snooks who wore this to her thirtieth party. I spent the best part of an hour scouring the net for it and I’m glad I did as I got the last one in my size and by the time she had link it it sold out completely – a pair of baby pink vans (half price at £26) and some more Ghost deep night perfume as a) mine has ran out and b) the 75ml was on offer for £23 instead of £48. I shouldn’t have bought any of them really but sometimes I just can’t stop myself *shrugs*.

Brigsby Bear is a magnificent movie that we watched over the weekend as it was a recent Sky Premiere. Starring Kyle Mooney, Mark Hamill, George Kinnear and more, Brigsby Bear tells the story of a young man who is freed from an underground bunker, only to find out the only tv show he has ever seen isn’t actually real. He doesn’t seem to upset about finding out his whole life was a lie, only that he will never see the end of Brigsby. With this in mind he decides to make a movie to finish off the adventures of Brigsby Bear, with help from the new people in his life. It’s a movie with real heart and if you are looking for a quirky, easy going film with a happy ending, this may be the one for you.

And there are three things from this week that I felt deserved a share – How has your week been? As always, have a lovely weekend!


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