The Weekly Edit #5


Hello and welcome to the fifth weekly edit – A post that comes to you every Friday, rounding up the week that was.

Kyle Falconer’s debut album ‘No Thank You’

As you may know, The View are my number one, favouritest band in the whole entire the world. I’ve travelled all over the Scotland to see them and being at their final show at Caird Hall in Dundee was v emotional (They’ve said they are only on hiatus but you never know do you?). Without The View in my life there is a serious void so when lead singer Kyle announced his debut solo album, I was buzzing. The album itself is totally different to anything The View have ever released – It’s a lot more chilled out and a hell of a lot less chaotic (which is one of the reasons why I love The View so much – Their manic energy) but it’s nice. It’s easy to listen too, the lyrics are amazing and #ILoveKyle.

Roast dinner at Lockwoods, Ripon

On Sunday we decided to go for Sunday dinner at a local restaurant called Lockwoods. It’s been in the city for ages but as it looks rather fancy and is kinda expensive, we’ve always given it a miss. After reading some rave reviews we decided to give their £13.50 roast dinner a go and I’m glad we did ‘cos it was lush. £13.50 may sound excessive but the portion was absolutely huge – Half a plate of delicious veg, a mound of roast beef, a big fluffy Yorkshire pud and a whole field of crispy roast potatoes. The restaurant itself is really nice too – Dark wood floors, blue/grey walls, plants scattered all over the place. I wish I’d reviewed it properly now tbh but, ya know, I’d already eaten half my dinner before the thought came to me.

Celebrating Dad’s fiftieth birthday

My Dad turned fifty on Wednesday so we all piled in to my sister’s house and ordered Five Guys via Deliveroo (Wish my city had deliveroo – although the restaurants we have are crap compared to the ones in Harrogate). I had my usual – a double cheeseburger with grilled onions, mayo and the Cajun fries – and man it was delicious. I so wish we had a Five Guys in our city but LOL Ripon is still in the Victorian times. We also took Bruce along with us and despite being a little bit over excited at first, he soon settled down and was great with the kids.

Operation clear out the house

Now we are 100% moving back home, operation clear out is afoot. I’ve got a couple of bin bags of clothes that I no longer wear, my sister is fostering my sofa for me and there are loads of nearly new books that are ready to go to the charity shop. We have picked what furniture is coming with us and what’s going in the bin, I’m chucking any make up I haven’t used this year and I’m also trying to burn down any half used candles. We are also having a freezer week at the moment – You know, those weeks where you eat the dregs of the freezer to free up space. We’ve had some very beige looking teas lately, let me tell you.

Other things I’ve been loving this week:

  • Over the last week I’ve been making the effort to eat breakfast and it’s really making a difference to my day. I’m not making anything fancy – Just buttered toast with a thin layer of Aldi’s blackcurrant conserve – but man, it’s delicious.
  • As we are moving back home, the husband and I have decided that we will be going on a little city break in early January. Amsterdam…I’ve missed you.
  • Husband cleans the windows for our local Dominos and this week they offered free pizza instead of cash – Perks of the job and that! It tasted so much better for being free. (Although I do feel a bit guilty as that’s a Five Guys, a Dominos and I’m going to a bbq tonight…Oops).
Have a lovely weekend!

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