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Charlotte Tilbury Hollwood flawless filter BareMinerals complexion rescue glow

Before I start nattering on about how much I love my current go to face make up products, I’d just like to say how disappointed I am with both of the brands for the lack of diversity in their shade ranges. The CT flawless filter has seven shade ranges but the darkest, number 7, isn’t actually that dark. Same goes for the darkest shade of the BareMinerals complexion rescue (Sienna). Big, popular brands like these should be doing better and it disappoints me that they are not.

(And don’t even get me started on Beauty Blender’s new foundation release that claims to have 32 skin tones covered but really, only 7 of them are for darker skin tones and the bulk are actually variations of milk-peach).

Big brands like these should be looking to Fenty Beauty and Nyx, who are making make up for every skin tone.

Surely it’s not that hard to be inclusive?!


Today I thought I would share two recent additions to my make up bag that I am o-b-s-e-s-s-e-d with – The Charlotte Tillbury Hollywood flawless filter and the BareMinerals complexion rescue. I don’t often get excited by face make up as my skin is super sensitive and my skin breaks out easily but these two? I love ’em.

Unfortunately they aren’t cheap so I’m using them sparingly – especially in this heat as every time I wear make up it’s melting off within minutes. Anyone else part of the sweaty upper lip club? – but I love the way they make my skin look. When I wear these two, combined with all of the water I’ve been drinking, I look luminous. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I do.

I’ll go into a bit more detail below then let you decide for yourself what you think of them.

Charlotte Tillbury Hollywood flawless filter (£30)

I’ve been dying to buy this product from the minute I saw it had been released but gone are the days when I can randomly drop £30 on a high end beauty product without some serious thought. Buuut when I was in London I stumbled across the CT store in Covent Garden and thought seeing as I was technically on holiday, I could check it out and maybe treat myself. Spoiler alert: I treated myself. An MUA helped me out when it came to selecting the correct shade (Light/Medium apparently – Coming back to my previous point: I have very, very pale skin and they classed me as shade 3 – So that gives you an idea of how light shade 7 must be right?) and after swatching the product, I knew it was coming home with me.

The flawless filter is a sort of primer, sort of highlighter and can be used under foundation, over foundation, MIXED with foundation or as a highlighter to accentuate your features. It has a creamy texture and thankfully, doesn’t look too glittery like the Wonderglow does – It has more of a subtle shimmer, a glow, if you will. It goes on really nicely (although you do need a few swipes of the product to cover the whole face) and makes the face look smooth and lit from within.

The only negative is the packaging – Whilst the glass bottle and gold lid do look fancy, the doe applicator is unhygienic and I feel like there will be a lost of wastage as it will be a struggle to get to the last lot of product in the bottom of the pot.

BareMinerals complexion rescue (£28)

Another product that I’ve been wanting to try out since the dawn of time is the BareMinerals complexion rescue. I almost bought in Sephora Prague but backed out on the last minute, regretting my decision as soon as I walked out of the door. I’ve seen loads of people rave on about this so I was a bit worried it would be one of those insta-products that turned out to be disappointing *cough Glossier cough* but thankfully it’s as good as I hoped it would be.

My water consumption has increased dramatically over the last month or so my skin is actually looking pretty good -Hardly any blemishes and a nice glow. Combine this with the crazy hot weather we have been having and my need for a light weight, sheer coverage foundation grew. I wanted something that smoothed my face, enhanced my skin but didn’t feel thick or cakey. The complexion rescue is great if this is the kind of thing you are after and it actually provides more coverage than I was expecting. I ended up buying the shade ‘4 – Suede’ which is a natural, cool toned colour. I don’t know if I could get away with Suede in winter when I’m at my palest but as I have a bit of a tan from the endless summer, I can get away with it. It looks quite dark when you first squeeze the product out but once it’s blended it’s not so bad.

Whilst these products are great when used separately, when they come together they are a forced to be reckoned with – When the two combine they create a beautiful, natural, dewy, lit from within glow that provides enough coverage so that I don’t feel paranoid about my red patches, enlarged pores or spot scars. They are the perfect for combination for any season and I’m so happy I bought them (although my bank account is not as they will be regular purchases from now on).

Tell Me:
Have you tried either of these products? What do you like to use to create a glow? Or are you one of those lucky buggers who has that ethereal elf-like natural glow?

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