The weekly edit #1


the weekly edit

Just a heads up – This post contains affiliate links.

Hello dear readers and welcome to a *new* segment on Alright Blondie – The weekly edit.

As much as I have loved creating The Sunday Catch Up, I think it’s time that it was put to bed. I have loved creating the little Sunday round up posts but when I stick to my schedule that means 4 brand new posts a week – And that’s too much for me nowadays. So instead I’m going down to three posts a week (M-W-F). Two will be general posts (a think piece, a beauty review, some passing thoughts…Anything I feel like) whilst the third Friday post will be this, the weekly edit.

Anyway – I hope you like it because I’ve enjoyed writing it. Tbh, the weekly edit is just the sunday catch up with a new name. I’ll catch you up on the week that was, share some things I’ve been loving and link to articles or products that get a big thumbs up from me. I think TSCU posts got a little bit stale as time went on but I really like having a weekly feature on my blog – I guess I just needed a new name in order to get inspired again.

Obviously I have to start with football and that it *might* be coming home…

I don’t mind a bit of football. I won’t go out of my way to watch it but if Jody has it on I will usually curl up with a book or work on my blog, looking up when Jody shouts at the telly or Bruce barks at the ball. But the world cup? Love it mate. On Tuesday I was in the pub with a group of mates for the England V Colombia games and OMG, the tension. All of us were watching the penalty shoot out from behind our fingers – BUT WE ONLY WENT AND BLOODY WON DIDN’T WE?! Not gunna lie, I’m a realist when it comes to the England team but, you never know do you?. We’ve never won a penalty shoot out before and look how Tuesday’s game turned out. There’s a wee glimmer of hope!

Thanks to this BEAUT weather we have been having, I actually have a bit of a tan!

I was in London at the end of June watching Liam Gallagher at Finsbury Park so I spent the whole day in the sun. Despite whacking on the sunscreen in dollops, I still burned (#PaleGirlProblems) but a week later the red has developed into a nice light golden brown. I actually used this £2.99 lotion by Malibu – It promises to protect skin and enhance tanning so *maybe* it actually worked?! The heat wave is set to continue throughout July so I’m definitely going to be slapping this stuff on in an attempt to look like a bronzed Goddess by the end of the month.

Despite thinking I couldn’t pull it off, I am loving mustard tones at the moment (well, any kinda yellow really!)

As previously mentioned, I’m pale. And not cute, English rose pale – The kind of pale that takes on a weird Vampire-like bluey white tinge when seen in direct sunlight. So when it comes to picking colour palettes I tend to steer clear as colours such as yellow out of fear they will make me look even sicklier than I already look. I’ve avoided mustard for so long but after seeing my friend rocking a mustard bodysuit, I decided to give it a try, picking up a bodysuit from Primark for £4. It’s mustard yellow with thin white stripes and do you know what? It doesn’t look half bad. I’ve also treated myself to an Indian yellow bag from the Cambridge Satchel Company, bought a lush sunflower yellow nail polish from 3ina and have been wearing Vitamin C and LA Sun from the Revolution X Soph extra spice palette constantly. It’s my colour of the summer, for sure.

Mexico might not be for another nine months but that hasn’t stopped me buying some bikini’s for it

If you read Wednesday’s post (and Monday’s come to think about it) you will have read that the husband and I recently booked a ten night stay in Mexico. It’s not until next April but that hasn’t stopped me browsing the holiday sections of my favourite online retailers – Oh no. My justification is that I will struggle to find pretty bikinis and cover ups in April so I may aswell try and find some cute ones now! There are a few on Missguided that I love but due to a lot of them being featured on Love Island, none of them are in stock. Instead I headed over to Pretty Little Thing (whom I luuuurve but can be a bit hit and miss) and picked up this baby pink gingham number and this cute stripy number. Both are a little bit risqué (not sure how I feel about this high leg, thong bottom trend tbh) but they are the only ones I really liked so I bought ’em anyway. Thankfully, they look okay.

Other things I’ve been loving this week:
  • Even though I have nowhere to put it (and I mean nowhere as our house in miniscule) I couldn’t resist finally buying this print of British bees from Annie Dornan Smith. It’s been in my bookmarks for ages and as I found myself with a lot of money spare this month, I snagged it. It’s super cute and I can’t wait til I have a normal sized house and can give it a home.
  • Getting back into podcasts – As I’ve been off the gym I haven’t really been making time for podcasts but this week I made an effort. I really enjoyed the first episode of Russell Kane’s ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ (Jody will confirm I giggled like a loon the whole way through) and I’m also enjoying ‘Unpopped’ after seeing numerous tweets about it.
  • A £3 bunch of sunflowers from Aldi – Continuing with the yellow theme, I picked up some sunflowers from Aldi on Monday and I love walking into the house and seeing them do their sunflowery thing.
And that’s it for the first weekly edit! Have a lovely weekend and I will see you on the flip flop, laterrrr.

the weekly edit

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