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Here’s what I got up to in Norfolk


Norfolk - Norfolk Broads pastel house on waterfront

On the 6th of July the husband and I packed my car with essentials (like the fan, Pepsi and Walker’s cheese and onion crisps) and drove 198.4 miles south to Wroxham, a small village in Norfolk.  We were to spend a week there with my fam – My mum, sister, niece, nephew, nannie, auntie, uncle and cousin – on our first ever BIG family holiday. I’ll go into more detail on how holidaying with my family was at a later date but for now, I give you a sort of Norfolk travel guide. Wroxham itself is actually teeny weeny so we ended up spending a lot of time exploring the surrounding area. Looking back I had a great time and I would definitely go back one day (although I would hire a houseboat rather than staying on land I think – Bruce would love it!).

Have a butchers at what I got up too…

Relaxed in Wroxham-Hoveton and enjoyed the time spent with my family.

Obviously the whole point of a family holiday is to spend time with your family (duh) so number one on the list of things I did had to be spent time with the loons that are bonded to me by blood. We went out on the Norfolk Broads themselves in the boats that were provided with half of the families accommodation (I took many many photos of the cute little houses on the waterfront – My favourite is pictured above), watched the England football games in a local pub, laughed at my two year old niece and one year old nephew and enjoyed one another’s company (and hated it at some points haha).

We also ate a lot of food – I’d definitely recommend The Bridge, an American diner where I had both a sausage and egg breakfast bagel and the egg scramble. They were both pretty great and were massive portions. Cheap too which is always a winner. My mum, husband and I also went to The Smokehouse, a steak and burger place and it was bloody divine – I had the pulled pork with sweet potato fries and the other two had the bridge burger. There were three very happy tums after that meal that’s for sure.

Although the holiday had a couple of bumps, I really enjoyed having a nosy around a new part of the country and Wrxoham-Hoveton turned out to be a great base for our adventure as it was close to loads of different places.

Went hare spotting in Norwich (I also spent a lot of money).

This section contains a couple of affiliate links.

If you live in Norwich or have been in the area recently you may have spotted the GoGo Hares, a sculpture trail featuring large hares painted by local artists and smaller ones in shop windows that I believe have been painted by local schools (let me know if I’m wrong!). They are scattered all over the county – although the majority are in the centre of Norwich I think – and they really brighten the place up. Hunting the hares is a lot of fun and I’m not ashamed to admit that I jumped up and down like a kid every time I spotted one (I have a squillion photos on my phone of the ones we spotted on our jaunt). The three pictured above are probably my favourites – Haremione, a Harry Potter themed hare painted by Jo Fiske, George the Watchmaker, a clock themed hare painted by Beverely Gene Coraldean and in celebration of Dipples, a local company, and Barley Hare, painted by Rob Barnes.

Aswell as hare-spotting, I also spent a hell of a lot of money. The Topshop in Norwich is a belter (the one in Harrogate has recently left the centre but it’s okay cos it was shite anyway) so I came away with some leopard print shorts, a Hollywood t shirt and a Skinnydip phone case. I also bought some shirts, a jumper and the usual flotsam and  jetsam you come away with a ‘browse’ in Primark aswell as buying some tat from Tiger (The nearest one to me is Stockton and I’m not making that trip cos I’m lazy). I could have come away with a lot more stuff buuuut I do have a holiday to Mexico and a life to pay for so I reluctantly decided to go home after a quick bite to eat at Jamie’s Italian.

Norfolk - Great Yarmouth 99p ice cream with a flake and raspberry sauce in front of the beach/ocean

Spent a fortune in the amusements and ate a giant 99 with a flake at Great Yarmouth.

After a crazy Sunday dinner at The King’s Head in Hoveton (Food was good, my sister’s kids however? Well they were a little bit rowdy to say the least) Jody and I decided to get away from my clan and drive the 19 miles to Great Yarmouth. We started our little excursion with a giant 99p with raspberry sauce and a flake – I was buzzing cos it ost me £2 whereas an average sized 99 would cost at least £3 at home (!!) – before heading to the amusements where we sunk a ridiculous amount of money on teddy pickers, basketball hoops and air hockey tables. We finished our trip by buying some tat (naff magnets, weird flavoured rock – The usual) and headed back to the family feeling refreshed.

We actually ended up returning to Great Yarmouth with the family a few days later – We went to the Sealife Centre (It was okay but the Scarborough one has otters and I lurve otters), won my niece Poppy and Branch from Trolls on the teddy pickers, played on the beach and ate fish and chips on the sea front. Whilst we ate said fish and chips we also watched Ivy use Branch as a seagull scaring device (basically, she kept chasing the seagulls and chucking him at them – hilarious).

Great Yarmouth was great both times we went and there’s heaps of stuff to do – The pleasure beach, mini golf, a nice beach, amusements, yummy seaside treats – so I would highly recommend.

Explored the seaside towns of  Sheringham and Cromer.

Unfortunately we headed to the coastal towns of Sheringham and Cromer on the coldest day of our holiday – Fantastic. It didn’t stop us having an explore though and they turned out the be very picturesque (i.e very instagrammable) places. We hopped on the train at the Wroxham-Hoveton station and it took 45 minutes to arrive in Sheringham. I dunno what I was expecting to be honest but Sheringham was super busy and had loads of boutiques full of the most me items you could think of (Illustrated animal bookmarks, quirky greetings cards, Staffie mugs, Cath Kidston beauty products). We ate fish and chips (what else?) at the best rated chippy in the town (The Sheringham Trawler if you were curious) and everyone cleared their plates (bar me, who should have really opted for the small tummies portion). We tried taking in the sea view but tbh, it was that bloody cold Jody, my uncle, my cousin and I bailed to the nearest pub to take shelter from the shitty wind.

After Sheringham we got back on the train and made the short journey to Cromer – The wind seemed to have died down a little once we arrived in Cromer (and my Nannie kindly bought us some fleeces) so we weren’t quite as cold. I think I actually preferred Cromer to Sheringham as it was a more traditional seaside town – Seafood, ice cream, amusements, a pier…That kinda thing. I also took the photos above there: On the left you have a used bookstore called Bookworms and on the left you have some of the candy coloured houses on the sea front – Cute right?

So, as you can probably tell from my mammoth 1303 words, I had a pretty good time in Norfolk. SO TELL ME: Have you ever been to any of the places above? What did you think of them?
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