Life lately: It’s for the greater good

Life lately: It's for the greater good - covent garden flower display
Just a quick one today lads. There’s a big life change afoot and I wanted to fill you guys in on it. (photo isn’t related to post, just thought it was cute, sorry)

Yesterday I sent an email to our estate agents, giving them notice that we wanted to terminate our contract.

Not gunna lie, I feel a little bit sad about it.

I love our little rented house – It’s been a great home to us over the last 16 months – but sadly the time has come to say goodbye.

The house wasn’t built very well and on top of this, we live in an area that’s full of gypsum (a soft mineral), so cracks have started to appear in the walls. We have had numerous visits from surveyors and insurers who say it’s liveable but the cracks have appeared and accelerated very quickly and we don’t feel particularly safe staying there.

So we decided to cut our losses and leave.

Handing our notice in made me feel a little bit sad, but at the end of the day our safety (and Bruce’s of course) has to come first.

Rather than find another property to rent, Jody and I have decided to take a step backwards and move back in with his parents.

It isn’t ideal as I don’t really want to lose my independence but after looking over our options, it definitely makes the most sense.

We would love to own our own home by the end of 2019 so moving home for a year or so means we can save a lot more money than we would if we were renting. With Jody being self-employed he needs at least a year’s worth of accounts before we can start applying for mortgages  so why not try and save as much money as possible in the mean time? It also means we will have some cash left over to have some fun with aswell (hello European city breaks!). Another, smaller, positive is that Bruce will have company pretty much 24/7 as Jody’s parents work part time and they have an elderly Chocolate Labrador (Casey) who turns into a puppy the minute her pal arrives.

I would say the pro’s definitely outweigh the cons although it’s going to be quite hard to say goodbye to our first proper home together.

Moving back home isn’t ideal for either of us (as a married couple we would much rather live together, just the two of us) but having another year at home really is for the greater good.

If it means we have a house to call our own by 2020 – with a garden and a golden retriever – it will be worth it I’m sure.

So for now, it’s back to taking blog photos in the bathroom of my in-laws house as it is the only room that gets decent light.

Have a lovely Wednesday!

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