The weekly edit #4

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Hello and welcome to the fourth weekly edit – A post that comes to you every Friday, rounding up the week that was

My saved items list on ASOS is out of control I tell you

I go through phases with clothes – I’ll have a period where I receive hardly any parcels then all of a sudden the urge will become too much and I get loads. Maybe it’s a seasonal thing? I’m not sure but at the moment my ASOS list has a lot of stuff on it – Loads of snazzy new gym clothes, some cosy cardigans ready for the upcoming cooler months and some super cute t-shirts. When we know where we are at with the whole moving/do we have to pay bills thing, I might splash out and buy the lot (maybe).

I hate to be that person moaning but it’s just too bloody hot

There, I said it. It’s too hot for me. I’m hot, I’m sticky, I’m sweaty and I can’t deal with it anymore. I’ve drank so much water I feel like a camel and I’m surprised my fan hasn’t blown up from over-use. I don’t mind heat when there’s a slight breeze, the sun is actually out (we’ve had 25 degrees + and clouds for the last few days…SMART) or on a weekend but when I’m trying to work and sleep and function I just cannot deal. I do love the sun and I’m grateful for the magnificent summer we are having, I just wish it wasn’t quite so muggy.

The big business of being Gwyneth Paltrow

This week the New York Times ran an article on actress and founder of lifestyle brand ‘Goop’, Gwyneth Paltrow. Now I’m not the typical Goop reader/buyer – I’m broke, am a sucker for a budget brand and have no interest in jade eggs up the vadge, putting a rose quartz in my water to make it positive or using frog venom as a healing aid – but I did find the interview fascinating and the reporter/writer did a great job on it. It’s a big old read so I’d find a spare, peaceful twenty minutes somewhere to fully absorb it.

Other things I’ve been loving this week
  • I’m a big fan of My Protein as they are cheap, have a quick delivery service and always have offers on – Their whey protein is pretty tasty too. Last week I bought a get lean muscle bundle and included in that was their chocolate brownie powder and oh. my . dayz. It’s so yummy, perfect for when you are craving some chocolate. I’m no expert so I can’t tell you if whey protein works or if it’s a waste of your time but shakes really help me increase my daily calorie count and hit my protein targets so it’s a winner for me.
  • 3Ina nail varnish in 154 – A gorgeous sunflower yellow that SCREAMS summer.  Having yellow nails really brightens my day up.
  • Despite it being ridiculously hot (see point number one) I bought this embroidered tiger head jumper the other day. I actually saw it on Mango originally and I almost bought it but didn’t. Then I saw it on ASOS where I have 10% student discount and next day delivery…Winner winner!
Have a wonderful weekend!

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