The Sunday catch up #58


Hey guys and happy Sunday! It’s just a short and sweet one from me today as…

It’s our one year wedding anniversary today

Yes that’s right, today marks one whole year since Jody and I got married in downtown Las Vegas. It’s weird – The year has flown by scarily fast yet it feels like we have been married for a million years (I spose that’s because we’ve been together for a million years though). We started the day with bacon sandwiches, a deep clean of the house (romantic) and plan on spending the rest of the day watching some of our favourite movies (as I type This is the End starring Seth Rogen and Jay Baruchel has just started). We will also be going for a meal later on – a local Italian as I really fancy some carbonara – which I can’t wait for. Happy anniversary to us!

An addiction to Geordie Shore

I know, I can practically hear you all groaning so you don’t need to tell me! Last Sunday I was pretty hungover and couldn’t decide what to watch so I ended up sticking Geordie Shore on. A week later and we are just about to finish season 6 – oops. It’s an easy watch that requires next to no mind power and I gotta admit, it’s pretty hilarious.

Husband’s work hoodie

Husband got some hoodies printed for his new business so obviously I stole one. It’s oversized and super snuggly and I’ve not taken it off since I got it.

Squeezing in loads of exercise

This week I went to the gym three times – I ran a 4k, went on the stationary bike for 30 minutes, cycling for a grand total of 12.55kms and did my usual strength training routine. I also walked Bruce on Saturday morning, adding another 2.5kms to my exercise total (We would have gone farther but it was hot and Bruce was pooped). I’m aching like a bitch today but it’s worth it as I’m feeling like I’m making progress (I can feel some muscle in the bicep starting to develop!).

And that’s all folks! Have a lovely weekend.

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