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new in - The Body Shop

The Body Shop is one of my favourite stores – Their products are cruelty free, smell delicious and have great results. What more could you want?

In this post I talk you through a couple of recently purchased items from The Body Shop – Three that are relatively new and one that’s a little bit older, but I couldn’t resist.

Rose water face mist – £6

Step into the spotlight with Rose Dewy Glow Face Mist. With reflective particles, this mist gives your skin a dewy, illuminated glow for an instant confidence boost. With a blend of raspberry essence, cherry water from France and Community Trade British rose essence. Leaves skin feeling hydrated and instantly refreshed after a spritz.

First of all, I detest the smell of rose…But this stuff isn’t too bad. I think the raspberry and cherry offset the smell a bit so it isn’t too overpowering. It smells fresh and uplifting rather than vomit inducing if that makes sense? I’ve never actually been that into face mists before but I was totally sold on how each scent serves a different purpose. This one is supposed to create a glow and I guess it does leave the skin looking a lot perkier and brighter – although I dunno how long lasting it is. I personally like to use this before I go to the gym, when I have no make up on, to make my skin look a little bit more alive.

Coco calming face mist – £6

Help keep your skin feeling calm so you can carry on with our Coco Calming Face Mist. This calming mist helps to soothe dry, sensitive skin when you need instant relief. Enriched with naturally refreshing coconut water from Brazil, as well as calming aloe vera and bisabolol. Leaves skin feeling hydrated and instantly refreshed.

Rose may not be a favourite scent of mine but coconut? Sign me the fuck up. This face mist is supposed to be calming and hydrating which is great considering I have a dry patch on my nose that makes it look like I have greyscale. My skin does feel a little less crispy since using this and as the ingredients are for sensitive skin, I’m not worried about it causing any breakouts. This is another one I like to use after the gym to cool my face down and soothe the redness.

Camomile sumptuous cleansing butter – £10

Cleanse and nourish your skin with our rich cleansing butter. A luxurious way to remove every last trace of make-up, while purifying, cleansing and refreshing your skin, leaving it soft to the touch.

I try not to use a lot of product on my face anymore as it always leads to breakouts but after I saw some bloggers raving about this product I couldn’t resist. I don’t use it every day in fear of my skin exploding but when it’s feeling icky or I’ve worn a lot of make up this is the first thing I reach for as it’s tailored towards sensitive skin. The tin is actually quite big and as a little goes a long way, you don’t use much product. It has a light, inoffensive scent that is so delicate and lovely – I just love it. Once you scoop a small piece out you rub it together in your hands and apply it to your face before washing off with warm water and/or a muslin. I personally prefer a muslin as it feels a lot cleaner and like I’ve gotten all the product off! Once dry your face feels super soft and bouncy so I can definitely see why people  rave on about it so much.

Himalayan charcoal purifying facial soap – £4

Remove impurities and dirt effectively with our Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Facial Soap, formulated with bamboo charcoal from the Himalayan foothills. Enriched with Community Trade tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil known for their purifying properties, this soap leaves skin feeling clean and reduces excess oils.

Truth time: I haven’t used this yet – I know, bad blogger, BUT I took the photos ages ago with all intentions of using it and still haven’t gotten around to it. My bathroom is tiny and I don’t own a soap dish so have nowhere to put it at the moment so it’s just sat on my bed side table. I bought it as I found the Himalayan charcoal facemask to be an absolute godsend but at £17 it ain’t cheap. (And after a while it goes rock solid which is a bit of a piss take). At £4 the soap is a hell of a lot more budget friendly and I imagine it will last a while. It smells bloody divine (just like the face mask) – it has a super fresh fragrance that I would probably buy in perfume form. I promise I will use it soon, I just haven’t gotten around to it yet!

Are you a fan of The Body Shop? Tell me – Have you bought anything from there recently?


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    07/06/2018 at 8:30 pm

    Oh wow I haven’t seen this at the body shop!

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