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If you are on Twitter you will have no doubt seen the career path tweet that Sara Tasker (Me & Orla) created (FYI I wrote this post ages ago so this tweet has kinda faded away now). It’s that very tweet that inspired todays post – if you hadn’t already guessed by the title. It’s actually come at a great time as it’s almost been TEN (!!) years since I left school and I wanted to write something to commemorate that. This post has actually ended up being a lot longer than I anticipated but I suppose I’ve had quite a few jobs!

So – what has my career path looked like since leaving school ten years ago?

A Levels for six weeks

I decided to do my A-Levels at York College and omg what a mistake that was. I lived in a village at the time so I had to get a lift to a nearby town in order to get the bus to York then ANOTHER bus from York centre to the college. It took bloody ages and my timetable didn’t exactly help as my classes were all over the place. I opted to do art, photography, ancient history and English literature and I bloody hated every second (bar art – I liked art class). The photography course was too deep for me, I went to maybe one English literature class? and after being an A* student in history at GCSE it was really hard dropping to a D student. So I bailed after six weeks and never went back.

A period of unemployment

But dropping out without a plan meant I was unemployed for bloody ages. I applied for loads of jobs but unfortunately no one wanted a 16 year old with no education OR experience. It was a really shitty time and I slept all day, stayed awake all night and barely ate. Bad times.

Supermarket cashier June 2009 – October 2010

Thankfully I eventually found a job, working at a newly opened supermarket – That I could get the bus too until I passed my driving test, yay! Whilst I didn’t want to work behind a till forever, that job kinda made me. It gave me loads of confidence, I made some great (older than me) friends who took me under their wings and I got some work experience. I also met Jody through a friend from there so you know, everything happens for a reason!

BTec in Art and Design 2009-2010

After three months of full time work I decided to re-enter the world of education and did a part time art course alongside my work. I was at work or college every single day which was fine until I met Jody and wanted to spend all my time with my boyfriend like any 18 year old. After a year I left as I didn’t really see myself going to university and didn’t know what else to do (I skived college a lot aswell woops). I also left the supermarket at the time to pursue full time work.

Trainee Hairdresser October 2010 – May 2012

Hairdressing was quite possibly my most demanding job and I salute anyone who does it full time as it’s hard. On your feet all day, every day, long hours (including Saturdays), dealing with customers AND doing training etc on top. I enjoyed the hustle and bustle and loved the salon life but eventually it started to wear me down and I realised I couldn’t see myself doing it forever. I was promoted to head trainee but I eventually left due to the above reasons and because I felt like my training was being rushed because I was older. I completed my NVQ privately.

Data Entry Clerk May 2012 – October 2013

After working as a trainee hairdresser, working in an office 9-5, mon-fri was absolute bliss. I know some people find office work boring but I don’t mind it personally. I eventually left this job (hello redundancy you fucker) but I’ve been back two times since.

Temp work October 2013 – December 2013

Luckily I wasn’t redundant for very long as I got some Christmas temp work in the town where I live. It was okay, very busy, but I don’t dwell on my time there that’s for sure.

Purchase Ledger Clerk January 2014 – August 2014

Of all my jobs, I think I hated this one the most. The purchase ledger knowledge that I gained was invaluable (and got me my current job) but I hated the office, I hated my team and I got zero signal so I couldn’t even text husband or Mum to tell them how unhappy I was. Eventually I went back to my old office for a couple of months – THANK GOD.

Data Entry Clerk August 2014 – December 2014

Remember that data entry job I said I’ve been back to twice? Well this was my second outing here. It was only short term as they knew I was going travelling but it was such a relief to be out of my PL role.

TRAVELLING! (Bonds Clerk, Citrus Sorter, Donor Processor) – 2015

Oh Australia, how I miss you (and your bloody amazing wages). I worked for the Australian government whilst I was in Perth, spent two disastrous weeks at a citrus farm sorting oranges before leaving for Sydney and working at the breast cancer foundation. My work experience in Oz was great cos they are two pretty prestigious places to work aren’t they?

Data Entry Clerk February 2016 – October 2017

On my return I went back to my data entry role for a third time. This time it was beefed up a bit with more jobs but after a year and a half I was sick of the office as there were certain people (myself included) who did all the work and then there were those who dossed off all day and nothing was said. I started looking for a new job when I was in a huff one day and after one application and two interviews I was offered it.

All Round Office Administrator October 2017 – Present

And that brings me to today. I work at a local construction company as an all round office administrator – A bit of admin, a bit of HR, a bit of accounts. It’s a pretty varied role and I actually feel appreciated here which is nice – I’ve also had a pay rise and been put through an accounts short course which is awesome considering I’ve only been here 7 months. I finally feel settled in a role and I can see myself staying here for the foreseeable.

Sorry if that was a bit too long winded for you – I’ve really enjoyed reading people’s career path tweets but thought mine was a tad boring for Twitter. As I could add a bit more information here as to how and why I’ve done what I’ve done I thought it would translate better on the blog.

So tell me – What does your career path look like?


  • Rachel Emma

    04/06/2018 at 10:58 am

    Wow! Getting to work in Australia sounds like an incredible opportunity! My career path is nowhere near as exciting. After GCSEs I worked at an adult disability centre for the summer. I worked as a waitress at a golf club for a year and a half of my A-Levels, and then got a job working in retail at a tourist attraction that I maintained through my final year of A-Levels and the last two years of my university experience. I’m excited to see what the future holds though!

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