What I Watched: April Edition


I would just like to apologise as there is no Harry Potter related content in this post, despite what the photo might suggest. I was struggling to come up with a photo for this post and these are some of the few movie related items that I have in my house so they had to do. Be right I’ve never claimed to be much of a photographer!

Anyway…What did I watch this month?

Peter Rabbit

I did Easter the right way and celebrated by watching Peter Rabbit at the cinema with my mum, sister, niece and nephew (an experience to say the least). I went in expecting to hate it – How can they turn cute lil Peter Rabbit into a cocky know it all (voiced by James Corden of all people) ?!?! – but do you know what? It worked. The animated creatures were super cute, it was funny but heart-warming all at the same time and I loved Domnhall Gleeson and Rose Byrne as Mr McGregor’s nephew and the queen Bea (trix Potter ofc) herself.

Spiderman: Homecoming

I wanted to really like this movie as I thought Tom Holland was great in the role – His version of Peter Parker is my favourite by far – but unfortunately I got a little bit bored around the 45 minutes/hour mark. The film’s not terrible – Jody loved it – it just wasn’t my cup of tea unfortunately. I did like that Aunty May was a lot younger than the usual portrayal (hello Oscar winner Marisa Tomei!) and Peter’s best friend Ned (Jacob Batalon) was pretty funny too.

The Defiant Ones

The Defiant Ones is a four part documentary on Netflix, chronicling the rise of rapper/music producer/entrepreneur Dr Dre and record producer/label owner/entrepreneur Jimmy Iovine. It starts with their beginnings (Dr Dre dj’ing in clubs, forming N.W.A and Jimmy hoping for a break in the music business before helping out on a John Lennon record) and works it’s way to where they are in the present day (Dre discovering Eminem, Iovine working with Lady GaGa, both of them selling Beats headphones to Apple for a ridiculous amount). As a music lover I found it SO interesting and there’s a whole host of famous faces talking about the pair that you will recognise.

Wind River

A Native American woman is murdered and it’s up to experienced tracker Jeremy Renner and FBI agent Elizabeth Olson to find out what happened to her. The film is easy to follow and whilst I probably won’t watch it again, it was really good with stellar performances from the two leads – Elizabeth Olsen is definitely one to watch in my books!

Battle of the sexes

Emma Stone and Steve Carrell play tennis players Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs and the film follows the lead up to their 1973 tennis match – Bobby Riggs said no woman could beat him so Billie Jean decided to give it a go. Much like Wind River, it was a good movie but I won’t be in any rush to watch it again. The performances from Stone and Carrell were excellent but I just couldn’t get that excited about it.

Dog Day Afternoon

First time bank robber Sonny (played by a very young looking Al Pacino) and his accomplice Sal (played by John Cazale) decide to hold up a bank but things don’t go to plan – The most surprising thing about this movie was that it was all based on a true story! Al Pacino is bloody brilliant – seriously, it’s worth watching this movie just to watch his performance – and I thought the supporting cast were great too (Chris Sarandon as Leon and Penelope Allen as Sylvia especially).

A rock and a hard place

Okay so Sky Atlantic use The Rock to promote this movie/documentary but he’s literally in it for about 5 minutes so if he’s the reason you’re watching it you will be disappointed! Regardless, it’s a really good documentary about life at a second chance prison/boot camp – Young men who have been convicted of crimes get the chance to enter a superstrict military style bootcamp over receiving a prison sentence and if they pass, they’re free men. Stacey Dooley did a similar show on a women’s bootcamp and they’re both just as brutal as the other, doesn’t matter what gender you identify as. The guards are pretty scary but underneath all of the shouting you can tell they realy care about the lads who have potential and make an effort.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

I tried watching the first series of this last year and ended up turning it off after ten minutes but when I had a week off at the beginning of the month I decided to give it another go and powered through series 1 & 2 in three days. I love everything about it – the cast, the sets, the story and I think the casting of Lucy Punch as Esme Squalor was inspired. I didn’t think Neil Patrick Harris would be able to hold a candle to Jim Carrey as Olaf but I was wrong, he kills it.

The Hitman’s Bodyguard

This movie was so good I turned it off after twenty minutes.

Kingsman: The golden circle

I loved the first Kingsman but after reading some reviews of the sequel I was put off watching it until one lazy Sunday afternoon where we couldn’t find anything else to watch. Much like the original movie, it’s utterly ridiculous buuuut I didn’t hate it – In fact I really enjoyed it. I think that if the final scene of the first one didn’t put you off then you will probably enjoy the second. It’s a touch predictable but it’s a bit of fun and Julianne Moore is great as the sickly sweet villain Polly.

Girls Trip

Girls Trip follows four best friends as they try to reconnect on a trip to New Orleans. Ryan (Regina Hall – Scary Movie) is super successful and is joined by her friends – Journalist Sasha (Queen Latifah), nurse/mum Lisa (Jada Pinkett Smith) and party animal Dina (Tiffany Haddish). Jody and I really enjoyed the film and Haddish was definitely the stand out star of the entire thing. After watching Rough Night (Starring Scarlett Johansson – it was released around the same time as Girls Trip) I can see why and how Girls Trip outperformed it as RN was crap in comparison.

I Feel Pretty

Written and directed by Marc Silverstein and Abby Kohn (Never Been Kissed), the final movie that I managed to catch in April was Amy Schumer’s latest movie ‘I Feel Pretty’.  I have to admit that when I first saw the trailer I inwardly groaned (much like the rest of the internet) but after reading a few articles, rewatching the ad and watching some of Busy Phillip’s Instagram Stories (she’s married to Marc) I decided to go see it….And I liked it. The movie is a hell of a lot more heart warming than you would expect (with plenty of laughs chucked in) and I think the large majority of women can relate to the storyline of feeling insecure and lacking in self-confidence.

And that’s all folks! Have you watched anything in April that you would recommend?

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