The Sunday catch up #57


The Sunday catch up #57…

My college course seems to be going a-okay so far

I started a 6 week short course in computerised accounts last week and so far, so good! It’s really weird being back in an education setting, even if it is only for such a short time, and it’s made me realise that I would actually quite like to pursue further courses in accounting. I guess I’ll see how my final exam goes at the end of my course first.

Getting dressed up for a wedding on Friday

On Friday Jody and I donned our finest garb as it was his cousins wedding! I haven’t been to that many weddings tbh – My first two BIG weddings only took place last year (my parents and my own were pretty low key) – but turns out I’m one of those people who loves them and finds them really, really lovely. I wore a sparkly gold maxi dress (which I wore to my brothers wedding) and sandals (please see above – I’m so awkward aren’t I?!?!) and Jody wore a lilac suit – He looked really good! It was a great day and I’m looking forward to attending some more weddings in the future.

A cheeky Pretty Little Thing order

I don’t watch many youtubers but there is one that I regularly watch – Helen Anderson. I like the way she comes across and I love everything she wears – So when she uploaded a PLT haul I was inspired by her to do a little shop. I pretty much copied Helend and ended up with this lil bralet and a leopard print body to wear when I go to London to see Liam Gallagher and the pink and grey versions of these pinstripe paperbag trousers.I was expecting so send some bits back but I liked all of it and I’m not £60 down – No regrats.

Watching the royal wedding on Saturday

I’ll admit it, I bloody love the royals – Especially Harry. Jody and I watched about two hours of the wedding and honestly, if I had been hungover (I didn’t drink at the other big wedding of the weekend) I would have bawled my eyes out on at least three occasions because it was beautiful. I’m such a melt.

Have a lovely week!

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