The Sunday catch up #56


Bonjour and happy Sunday! And happy bank holiday! Hurrah! Can you tell by the excessive exclamation marks that I’m feeling pretty good? The sun is shining, I’ve been to the gym and I’m going to Primark this afternoon to spend some of my hard earned cash – Pretty good right?

Kyle Falconer’s ‘Poor Me’

If you’ve been following me for a while you will know that I am OBSESSED with Scottish band, The View. I’ve travelled all over Scotland to see them and when they announced they were going on hiatus I almost cried. Luckily the lead singer Kyle has decided to spend the year launching a solo career so at least there’s something to fill the void. His first single ‘Poor Me’ is great and I’ve been singing it on a loop since I first heard it. His album is out at the end of July and I can’t wait to see what’s to come from him. (I’ve also got tickets for his September tour woo!).

A Monday night cinema date

Despite being absolutely knackered I dragged Jody to the cinema on Monday night to see I Feel Pretty (read my mini review here). He was one of three men at the screening (all of which appeared to be partners who had been persuaded to go by their ladies) and he enjoyed it just as much as I did. We don’t usually do anything during the week because we are usually too tired (#Adulthood) but sometimes it’s nice to get out, especially as the Odeon has tickets for a fiver available at the beginning of the week.

Voting in the local elections

As you can see from the photo I chose for this post – I voted! And I took Bruce with me (he was very popular apparently and in the five minutes I was in the polling station four people stopped to talk to him and Jody). Five years ago I would have laughed when asked if I voted (young and dumb is my excuse) but now I think it’s one of the most important things you can do. I DETEST the tories so anything to get them out.

Anne Marie’s album ‘Speak Your Mind’

I’ve like every single Anne Marie has released so it’s no surprise that I love her album aswell. There’s some great songs on there and her voice is just unreal. It’s also a tip top album to listen to in the gym if you need some inspiration and motivation.

Borrowing Ivy for a few hours

Jody’s best friend was holding a party for his step-daughter on Saturday afternoon and invited us – So we decided to borrow a child and took my niece Ivy. It was at Brimham Rocks adventure farm and Ivy had an absolute blast. She wasn’t interested in any of the other kids (they were a few years older than her though) but she loved the soft play area and the pigs, ducks and cows. I was a bit put out though as she was much more interested in playing with Uncle Jody than she was me, sob!

And that’s all for this week as I really need to get out of my sweaty gym clothes and have a shower….


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