A pretty perfect bank holiday weekend


Hey guys and welcome back to Alright Blondie. I hope you had a cracking bank holiday weekend and made the most of the delightful weather we were gifted with. This post is just a quick one – Checking in with you all and telling you what I got up to over the three day weekend.

You see, I was going to get all my half written draft posts finished, I was going to schedule all my tweets and I was going to take some cracking images to accompany my words…Then the nice weather happened and well, I didn’t do any of what I said I was gunna. In fact, I barely opened Bloglovin or Instagram or Twitter.

This means that I have NO content lined up for this week (hence why this is just a short chatty kinda post) but that’s okay because stepping away from the MacBook and my phone is a very good thing. I’m a big believer in the old social media saying ‘Do more things that make you put down your phone’ and I definitely did that this weekend.

So what did I get up too?


We went to Wetherspoons for breakfast and had a look around the shops like the rock stars we are.

Jody and I took my niece out ~ unsupervised ~ for the first time (to a farm and indoor play area) and it went pretty well.

I caught a little bit of sun and can now buy the second lightest foundation rather than the lightest.

We went to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park with my parents, my sister and her kids to celebrate my nieces second birthday.

I went to Primark and only spent EIGHTEEN POUNDS. The last two times I’ve been I spent £50+ so that’s definitely an improvement.

Despite the weekend being action packed (for me anyway, usually my weekends are extremely sloth like) I feel like I’ve had a real break from work and I’m feeling all kinds of refreshed. I’m going to spend the rest of this week drumming up some fresh blog posts for you so normal service will resume next week!

Much love

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