The Sunday catch up #55


Happy Sunday and welcome to a very late edition of the Sunday catch up. I went out on Friday and I’m still recovering so I’m just gunna jump right into talking about the week that was.

Feeling very proud of my husband

Remember in last week’s Sunday post where I was a little bit cryptic about A THING that had happened? Well that thing was my husband losing his job but don’t fret – He’s decided to set up his own window cleaning business! Money might be a little bit tight for the next couple of months whilst he gets the ball rolling but we will get by. Neither of us went on to do further education or have any particular skills so we never thought that one us would ever have our own business but here we are and he’s got one! I’ve never seen him so committed or dedicated to something before (bar me, obvs) and I’m ever so proud of him for giving it a go.

Tickets for The Sherlocks October tour

The Sherlocks are one of my favourite bands and they were awesome when we saw them in February. We will be seeing them again in June when they support Liam Gallagher in London but I couldn’t resist buying tickets for their October tour. At £16 (once you add fees and delivery) you can’t really go wrong because their show in Middlesborough was so energetic and loud. Money well spent in my opinion.

Pull & Bear Beetlejuice trousers (affiliate)

I’m really into trousers at the moment but of all the pairs I’ve bought recently (including 2 pink pairs) I’ve only ended up keeping two. The ones linked are my most recently purchased and mate, they’re so comfy. They could do with being a little bit more tapered around the ankle but I’ll live with them as is. For £20 (£18 with my student discount) they’re an absolute steal and as they are a lightweight material, they will be perfect for those inbetweeny not quite spring, not quite summer days.

Bryony Gordon

I’ve heard of journalist Bryony Gordon before – A lot of bloggers were reading her book ‘Mad Girl’ when it came out – but I never really sat up and paid any attention to her until I saw her on Good Morning Britain with her friend Jada, talking about running the London Marathon in her underwear. I loved how she came across and found myself following her on social media and on sunday I was regularly checking in on her Instagram stories to see where she was at with the marathon. I’ve since gone on to order her first two books and have also pre-ordered her third. I guess I just really liked the way she came across and how she uses her words and I’m looking forward to reading her books.

A nail appointment

On Thursday night I went to my nail technicians house to get my nails sorted out as I had chewed them off before starting to pick all the gel polish off (they looked a right mess). This time I opted for a sunny yellow (‘Yolo’) with a glitter top coat and they look fab. As much as I love long nails, they just aren’t practical (every time Bruce jumps on me for a cuddle or I take him on a walk one snaps) so short and sweet it is in the future.

An after work trip to Ikea with my Mum

After my nail appointment mother picked me up and we went through to Leeds as we both needed to get some bits from Ikea. I walked away with a side table, a soft pink dome lamp (ideal for reading with when husband’s asleep) aswell as some other bits and bobs that I didn’t really need but really wanted. We also went to TGI Fridays – I had a freakshake and some mozzarella dippers which were lush but my burger was a bit meh. Maybe I was just full from the other stuff. My mum has her own business and is a top Nannie so I don’t spend that much one on one time with her as she is a super busy superwoman so it was nice to do something minus the kiddiewinkles.

Have a lovely week!

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