The Sunday catch up #54

hand painted plant pot

Hey guys and happy Sunday to you all. This week has been interesting. I’m not gunna go into it cos it’s not really my thing to share and tbh, I don’t think you’d find it interesting anyways but it’s gunna be a turbulent couple of months in my household and there’s a lot of stuff up in the air.

Bar that thing, it’s been a pretty good week. Bruce has been really well behaved, work is good (it was payday on Thursday) and I tried to soak up as much vitamin D as my ghostly pallor could manage. Apparently we are forecasted rain for the best part of this week – I guess spring was nice whilst it lasted.

But enough chit chat – Let’s talk about the week that was.

My fringe

So I talked about my new hair colour and cut last week but I am still loving fringe life. I feel so much more grown up with it and even on no/minimal make up days I still look half way decent because of it. I think it’s a keeper.

Parisian pink trench coat

( affiliate link but I’ve just checked and it’s now out of stock sorry ūüôĀ )

I bought this beautiful nude-pink trench coat in the ASOS sale for ¬£32 and I already know it’s going to be the item I wear throughout the whole of spring. It’s a gorgeous muted pink and as it’s super light it’s perfect for slinging over my midi dresses or pairing with jeans and a tee. The only thing wrong with it is that it shows up so much dirt and unfortunately I’m a bit of a mucky pup so it’s already been through the wash once and I’ve only had it a week!

The sunshiiiiiiiiine

If you didn’t read that in a Liam Gallagher ‘cigarettes and alcohol’ tone then please leave my blog (just kidding). Yep, the sunshine was out in full force this week and by the looks of things we Brits were absolutely loving it. I went to work with bare legs and a light jacket (the aforementioned pink trench), I ate barbecue seasoned chicken on my picnic table in the garden and I slapped on the factor 30 to ensure that my pale skin didn’t burn. It was great.¬†A bit of¬†sunshine and some warmth puts everyone in a good mood and I love it.

New Quay Australia sunnies

Quay Australia sunglasses aren’t cheap but as I can’t seem to find my FAVOURITE My Girl tortoiseshell pair (Jody thinks he might have moved them which means that I will never find them) I decided to buy a new pair asap as they had sold out everywhere but the official website¬† – Where they happened to be on sale for ¬£19…So I obviously bought two pairs (the other pair are a see through pink). That basically meant I got 2 pairs for the price of one AND I got a free case and next day delivery. Some may say that’s an excessive amount to spend on sunglasses (especially as Primark do pretty good My Girl dupes) buuut I love ’em. Sorry not sorry.

Fish and chips in the garden

Thursday night was bloody lovely so Jody, Bruce and I had a wander up to the chip shop (where Bruce got a couple of chips and a bite of an ice lolly РThe chippy owners were DEFINITELY dog people) for fish, chips, sausage and scraps. We ate it on our picnic table in the garden and it just made me that little bit more excited for summer. It was bloody delicious and as we split one lot of food between us, it only cost £6 and we were full to the brim.

A free breakfast wrap from McDonalds

We had to wait a couple of minutes for our McDonalds breakfast (like literally minutes, we didn’t even get parked up) and they chucked in an extra breakfast wrap for us! It’s the little wins isn’t it?

Auntie duties

Saturday morning was spent in the presence of my favourite little people – These are getting more and more frequent and I love it because Ivy and Reggie are so much more confident around Jody and I now. I know I gush on about them all the time but they truly are amazing and so, so funny. This week Reggie was full of beans and wouldn’t leave his Uncle’s side whilst Ivy was like a limpet and even fell asleep on me which was the cutest thing.

Painting plant pots in the garden

I’ve been wanting to re-pot my cacti collection for some time now but I always seem to find an excuse not to bother but with the sudden arrival of spring I bought myself some terracotta pots and acrylic paints and got to work. Well I say got to work, Jody and I painted one each and that was enough for one day as they took a lot of work. Mine’s a little bit messy but for a first attempt (and from a distance) it doesn’t look too bad. It’s perfectly imperfect ūüôā

Have a lovely week!

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