The Sunday catch up #51


the Sunday catch up

FYI this photo was taken last weekend – My current view DOES NOT look like this and it’s piss wet through outside.

Good morning everyone and happy Easter! I’ve woken up in a cracking mood and am thus far enjoying my lovely bank holiday weekend. I haven’t really done much but I kinda needed a chilled out weekend to recharge. Anyway I’m not going to babble on for too long as this is the first Sunday catch up post in a while and you guys know the drill!

Excitement for The Courteeners and a night in Manchester

The Courteeners are playing at Manchester Arena on the 7th to celebrate ten years of St Jude and as the 7th just so happens to be Jody’s birthday we got ourselves some tickets! We would normally drive home after but as it’s a special occasion we are staying over and going out for some nice food. I can’t wait!

Going out out on Thursday night with my friends

With the Easter bank holiday comes a weekend with at least one night of drinking and my friends and I opted for Thursday to ensure that we had maximum recovery time. I had a really good night (rolling home at 4am) but oh my god I was paying for it on Friday – Jody and I had to take it in turns to be sick in the toilet so yes, it was quite bad. Fun night though.

A spontaneous cinema trip

Saturday rolled around and Jody and I still felt a bit dodgy so we took it easy but by half five cabin fever was setting in so we checked the cinema listings and ended up going to see Blockers. My ‘what I watched’ post is going live tomorrow (maybe Wednesday actually, I haven’t decided yet) so you can see what I thought of it then.

Joshua Vs Parker

I’m a big boxing fan so last night I stayed up a lot later than usual to watch the Joshua Parker fight (I’m such a nana – it finished at half eleven, I’m normally dead to the world by then!). I’m not a huge Joshua fan (I know, sorry) but I felt that he was rather challenged by Parker and I haven’t seen him that worried before. Ref was shit though – Would have been a much more interesting fight if he’d had let them have a proper crack at one another.

I have the rest of the week off!

Yep that’s right, not only do I get the four day bank holiday off, I also used four days of annual leave to bring my total of days off up to ten. I’ve had it booked off for absolutely ages cos we were gunna go away for Jody’s birthday…We may not be going away but I still wanted the time off. I don’t have anything planned really – I’m just gunna chill with Bruce and go to the gym I think but that’s fine by me.

Have a lovely bank holiday weekend! x

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