Meet my nose piercing

Meet my nose piercing

nose piercing

A short and sweet post to introduce you to my nose piercing.

When I was 16 I got a nose piercing and two weeks later it wasn’t pierced anymore (I had to change the ring for a stud for a new job and when I dropped the stud on the floor I didn’t bother looking for it/Putting the ring back in). I’ve wanted it re-piercing for the last ten years and after some gentle encouragement from husband, I finally got it re-done.

I went to a local studio that my sister had been tattooed at in the past, I paid £13 and it didn’t hurt as much as I remembered (although I have accidentally yanked it a couple of times and OUCH). Eventually I’m going to swap the teeny tiny diamanté stud  for a rose gold ring but for the next two months and two weeks it’s staying put, as per my piercer’s recommendation – We don’t want a repeat of last time now do we?

Having my nose pierced has given me a real confidence boost and even when my hair isn’t done and I have no make up on, it makes me feel that little bit more together. (I also feel a lot cooler than I am with it).

Have you got any piercings? Or do you have any questions about getting your nose pierced?

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