What’s in my gym bag?

gym bag contents

I’ve been blogging for three and a half years but not once have I done a classic ‘what’s in my bag post’. Today it’s time to rectify that but instead of a normal bag style post I decided to show you what’s in my gym bag – Mainly because my everyday Dr Martens rucksack is full of crumbs and stray fruit pastilles.

P.s – this post contains a couple of affiliate links, hope you don’t mind x

My gym membership card

Kind of an obvious one right?

A black vest top

I just use a spaghetti strap one from Primark that cost a quid or two. It’s comfy, tight fitting and more importantly, cheap. Having a fancy workout top doesn’t bother me, I’m more about the leggings personally…

Good quality leggings

For the last few months I’ve been working out in Primark and USA Pro leggings – The Primark ones are okay but they give me camel toe and the USA Pro ones are great – but when ASOS had a 30% off code I decided to invest in some Puma ones. They normally cost £40, an amount I would never pay, but I got them for a slightly more reasonable £28 and oh-my-god, the difference is unreal (Here’s a link). They’re super thin (apparently they absorb sweat or some other BS), super comfy and they have changed my workouts. I’m not saying that you should go out and buy a £40 pair of gym leggings cos I know that not everyone can afford them over a £6 Primark pair but wow, it’s love.

Decent headphones that don’t fall out every time you blink

When my gym journey first began I invested in a pair of Beats by Dre wireless headphones. justifying it by saying the expense would inspire me to workout  – Well dear reader, it did not. BUT when I reinvigorated my love for the gym having wireless headphones definitely came in handy as it meant that I could listen to my podcasts in peace. Wired headphones are fine but they were always falling out of my ears and it drove me insane so my Dre headphones were definitely a good investment as they stay firmly in place. They are also rose gold so they look super pretty (although they are massive so I look a little bit nobbish). Again, you don’t need to invest in a fancy shmancy pair like I did, there are plenty of cheaper alternatives available.


Ahh finally one that didn’t cost a silly amount of money! Water! When I do my half an hour on the treadmill I can easily get through a litre of water so it is imperative that I have some to hand (so I don’t collapse in a sweaty heap and hit the wall behind me like you see in those youtube videos). I’m currently using plastic 500ml bottles which I know is really naughty but Jody and I do re-fill and re-use them so I don’t feel too bad about it. I’ve tried using reusable water bottles in the past but they don’t keep the water cold enough for my liking – Maybe I need to stop being so tight and buy a proper Chilly’s one?! (I’ll put a pin in it for next payday). Anyway where was I? Water is essential for exercise and I can’t get through my workout without it. Dehydration isn’t cool kids.

Proper trainers (i.e not Vans hi-tops)

When I got back into the whole health and fitness malarkey I started running in Vans hi tops…I know, I know, nice one Jess. I ran in them for three weeks before deciding my exercise kick wasn’t just a phase and that it was time to invest in some proper running trainers. I bought some pink and black (gotta be on brand) Nike trainers that were in the sale on Sports Direct and the difference between them and my Vans is ridiculous. It’s a real shame they aren’t a bit more day to day wearable because they are so bloody comfortable.

Deoderant and wet wipes

As a novice gym goer I obviously get extremely sweaty and out of puff so a good deodorant is super important. I get this one from Nivea and it’s the same one I’ve been buying since I was 17 – It hasn’t steered me wrong yet and it smells pretty good too. Because I go the gym on my lunch hour I also keep a packet of wet wipes (I have FemFresh ones and sensitive baby wipes) in my gym tote. I can just about squeeze my workout into an hour but unfortunately there is no chance to shower so these little babies are an absolute Godsend as I can spend my afternoon smelling nice and fresh rather than resembling a sweaty foot.

Spare socks and pants

Sometimes I wear pumps to work (ie no socks) so a spare pair of trainer socks in my gym bag are a must and sometimes I get a bit hot and sweaty so spare pants make things a little bit more comfortable when I go back to work in the PM. Hashtag Glam.

Tangle teezer and dry shampoo

Even if I haven’t trained that hard (cos let’s face it, some days I don’t) I like to spray my hair with some dry shampoo as it just makes me feel that little bit cleaner. My hair gets really tangled when I tie it up (and I’m a big baby who hates having their hair pulled) so a tangle teezer is a must have. I got this cute leopard print one from ASOS with an a list voucher but I think it usually retails for £13.50 (you can get cheaper tangle teezers but I find the ones from the legitimate brand to be the best ones and I will rave about them until I die).

Some lotions and potions

Currently loitering in my gym bag are: The Body Shop Hawaiian kukui body cream (smells like a dream), Glossier You perfume, Lushs ‘silky underwear’ dusting powder, my Ordinary foundation, S&G smoulderkohl and my Lush ‘feeling younger’ skin tint. Most of the time I don’t bother re-applying my make up after the gym but it’s nice to have the option. The other stuff is purely for freshening up and making myself smell like a pretty flower after an hour of sweating.

A light snack and a protein shake

As I go to the gym on a dinnertime I tend to have a snack before and a light meal and a protein shake afterwards (gotta rebuild those muscles right?). My snack tends to be a banana and/or a handful of Graze smokehouse barbecue crunch and my protein shake is made up of MyProtein whey protein (chocolate smooth or strawberry cream – I’m waiting on a delivery of white chocolate at the moment) and either water or milk – depends how I’m feeling cos sometimes milk makes me feel a bit sick. I personally feel like there is no point in working out if I’m not fuelling my body as I go and now I’m eating healthier, I’m eating more than ever before – But it’s okay cos none of it’s too terrible for me.

So…What’s in your gym bag? Is there anything you would recommend adding to mine?


  • katie

    20/04/2018 at 8:37 pm

    i spyyyyy glossier perfume! is it not the absolute best smelling perfume you’ve ever had?! i’m obsessed and have bought 4 bottles in panic mode in case they discontinue haha.

    i reaaaaally wanna get some beats headphones for the gym cos i totally think id be motivated to work out more if i got them too! haha

    katie. xx lacoconoire.com

    1. Alrightblondie

      04/06/2018 at 10:31 am

      Omg I loooooove the Glossier perfume! It’s divine – I’m pretty tempted by the solid version? xx

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