Life Lately: A Quarter One Catch Up


Well that first quarter whizzed by didn’t it?

Well sort of – January dragged on for what felt like forever but February and March were over in no time at all.  It’s been a pretty good quarter for me – Nothing super exciting happened but I’ve been feeling very happy and content since the beginning of the year so that’s something. If you cast your mind back you will remember that at the back end of 2017 I was creating monthly round up posts but I got a little bit bored of that format so I decided to create a quarterly round up instead.

So, without further ado, here are some highlights, some favourites and some plans for the next quarter:

Some highlights:

Making travel a priority

At the beginning of the year things were looking pretty quiet on the travel front (abroad travel anyways) with only a three day trip to Prague booked in in early January for my birthday. Prague turned out to be a bust – Neither Jody or I liked it but hey, you aren’t gunna like everywhere you go are you? After the direness of Prague we decided that our next few holidays would be MEGA so we’ve booked a three day to Marrakech in September (sunshiiiiine) and will be heading to South East Asia for Jody’s 30th in April 2019 (I think I may have mentioned it? Not sure). This means travel is my number one saving priority for the foreseeable and – not gunna lie – I’m pretty happy about that as my feet have been RIDICULOUSLY itchy as of late.

Buying a car, getting a pay rise and other grown up things

In January I accomplished one of my life goals – To buy a car from this decade. I’ve always had old bangers but now I have a purple 64 plate Vauxhall Adam and I’m still totally enamoured with it (as is the husband who says it’s a DREAM to drive). Aswell as this super grown up purchase I’ve also been given a payrise at work (which I need considering I have £9,000 to pay off said car), I’ve stopped caring what people think of me and I’ve learned that my weekends don’t need to be full of sparkle – I’m quite happy chilling with my little family unit, washing my pants, bleaching my bathroom and going to bed at 9pm on a Saturday night.

Getting into the gym FINALLY

I really hope I’m not babbling on about the gym too much for you guys but I’m just really in the zone with it at the moment. After years of avoiding cardio like the plague I’m finally getting into it and my strength training is going pretty well too. When I started I was running 2.75kms in 30 minutes but in the space of three weeks I’ve got it up to just under 4kms – Not too shabby for a certified couch potato! I think I’m probably due a PT session soon as I want to get some exercises that focus on my stomach and back muscles but want to do so safely as I have struggle with my back sometimes.

Some favourites:

The Keeping It Candid podcast

Podcasts are one of my favourite forms of entertainment and I’m subscribed to a whole heap of them – but my favourite from the first quarter has to be the Keeping It Candid podcast from Sophie Milner and Millie Cotton. They talk about a huge range of topics, from bloggings and social media to health and fitness, from recent news and events to relationships and love. I like to listen to the podcast when I’m on the treadmill as it’s a short but sweet 30 minutes long and I swear to God, the time flies by when I listen to KIC, making my workout a hell of a lot easier.

Lush ‘Feeling Younger’ skin tint

I bought this yonks ago but after applying it all over my face and looking like a discoball, I pushed it to the bottom of my make up bag and forgot all about it until very recently. Now that spring is around the corner, my highlight and bronzer addiction has slowly started to creep back into my life, bringing with it this little pot of joy. Rather than slathering it all over my face to go under foundation, I’ve just been using it as highlight on my cheekbones and oh-my-god, it’s amazing. You get a lot of product for £12.50 and like I said, use too much and you look like C-3PO…So you end up using hardly any meaning the pot will last forever!

The Lime Crime venus XL palette

Jody – being the absolute BABE of a husband that he is – bought me this absolute beauty of a palette ‘just because’ and I haven’t stopped using it since. There’s a great selection of pinks and browns, meaning it can be used for every day casual office looks OR over dramatic smoky eyes for nights out. The pigmentation is absolutely fantastic and once the shadow is on, it’s pretty hard to budge. Only down side is that some of the matte shadows feel a lil chalky but who cares when the colours are that delightful.

Some plans for the next quarter

Starting my six week course

In May I finally start my six week course which my work have paid for – It’s a short course in computerised accounts for business and I’ve got everything crossed that if I do well in it they might offer to fund other courses for me (AAT or Business level 4 maybe?!). It’s only six weeks long but I’m looking forward to getting back in the classroom and stretching my brain muscles so yeah, I’ll let you know how it goes.

Jason Manford at the Manchester Apollo

I bought these tickets as soon as they were released so it feels like I’ve been sat on them FOR AGES. Jason Manford is one of my favourite comedians so I can’t wait to see him live, especially as it’s a hometown show. We are sat really close to the stage so that will be interesting.

A weekend in London with my favourite person

The husband and I will be heading to London at the end of June (I got train returns for £32 each – not too bad eh?) as Wicked and Liam Gallagher. London is one of my favourite cities can’t wait to go back –  I’ve never been in summer either so I’m praying for some nice weather so we can really enjoy the trip. Bar the shows I don’t have any big plans but I wouldn’t mind a nosy in The Great Frog London – that definitely depends on my funds!

How was the first quarter for you?

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