Why I will never go back to painting my own nails


gel manicures - purple

gel manicures - pink glitter gel manicures - pink with gold glitter gel manicures - yellow

At the beginning of the year I decided I was going to do something that I’d wanted to do for ages.

And no it wasn’t skydive out of a plane or get a crazy tattoo – It was to get my nails done professionally after years of doing it myself.

Rock and roll I know.

Despite having a large Barry M nail polish collection I just couldn’t find a spare pocket of time in which to paint and fully dry my nails. Then when I did have some time Bruce would be in the house and would want cuddles and attention and they would end up smudged with a Bruce hair or two stuck in them. Not exactly the look I was going for, I think you would agree.

So I asked my sister for some vouchers for a local nail salon and off I went.

I started out with gel nail extensions (the dark pink glitter fade on the leopard background) but unfortunately we just did not mix. I couldn’t fasten my buttons, I couldn’t get things out of my purse, I couldn’t type (a big part of my job) AND they kept snapping and pinging off so they were basically a pretty pointless purchase. So I scrapped the idea of extensions.

Next time around I opted for a pink (Pink A Chu) gel polish with a sprinkle of gold glitter at the base and I got along much better with that – Seriously they lasted ages, I was so chuffed with them. Due to my nail technician leaving the salon I found a new person to do them – She lives pretty local to me and doesn’t charge much (Which is good for the old bank balance $$$). I’ve since had lilacy violet with sparkling purple on my ring fingers (Video Violet and Fortune Teller I think) and more recently, bright yellow (Yolo) with a glitter top coat.

My gel manicure experience has been very positive and I gotta say, I’m a total convert.

Yes, manicures definitely belong in the luxury but not necessary part of my budget (along with popping into M&S and Netflix) but I love getting them done as having tidy nails makes me feel like I have my shit together – Even when my fringe is stuck up at a 90 degree angle, I have a load of chin spots thanks to my hormones and I’m wearing my Primark gym leggings with a hole in the bum with one of Jody’s hoodies. Hashtag Glam.

Aswell as making me feel 100%, going to my nail technician means half an hour of me time.

Now, I get a lot of me time as I have decided not to reproduce so I don’t need it like some people do, but it’s half an hour where I don’t pick up my phone, I don’t have to pet Bruce or talk to Jody and as my nail technician doesn’t know me or anything about my life (bar what I tell her) the conversation is easy.

It’s just really nice and I can’t really explain (although I imagine if you are big into regular manicures you will totally understand).

I currently pay £18 a time to get my nails done – I sometimes get them done once a month, sometimes twice…Depends how flush I am and if there are any events on – but do you know what? it’s £18 well spent.

Do you get your nails done? Or is there some other little treat that you like to indulge in? Let me know in the comments.

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