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bleach blonde haircare

For those of you that don’t know, I actually hold my NVQ level two in hairdressing and worked in a salon for two years – I loved working in a salon but the late nights and Saturdays spent at work were a bit much for me so I left to pursue an office based career. This doesn’t mean my passion for hair died though: I still love keeping up with hair trends and as I’m always changing the style and colour of my own, decent hair care is a must. I bleached my hair from red to white in 2012 and bar a couple of flirtations with pinks and purples, my hair has been white or silver ever since. Being a bleach blonde requires a lot of TLC so today I thought I would share the three products that I’m currently using to keep my hair looking salon fresh.

Bleach London silver shampoo and conditioner

Now that I’m as blonde as blonde can be again, the fear of brassy tones in my hair is well and truly back. Usually I buy the Lee Stafford bleach blondes shampoo and conditioner (it’s good- gives hair more of a pinky purple tone than a silver/blue tone) but I fancied a change so decided to give Bleach’s silver shampoo and conditioner another whirl instead. As the product is a dark midnight blue it can be a little bit scary applying it to your freshly whitened locks but as long as you are a fast worker you have nothing to worry about (And if you do leave it on a touch too long it will come out after a couple of washes anyways). I use this combo of shampoo and conditioner once a week and my hair comes out a b-e-a-utiful icy white, no yellow in sight. If I had to choose between the Lee Stafford or the Bleach London blonde product it would be a tough call but Bleach would probably win as I thought the effect was more noticeable from the get go.

Bleach London reincarnation mask

If I could only use one hair product for the rest of my life, this would probably be it. It’s my holy grail product and I’ve preached about it to anyone complaining of hair woes (I even recommended it to my hairdresser Mum – It’s that good). Whenever I have my hair bleached I whack this on for as long as I feel like and when it’s washed off and dried my hair feels like actual silk, no joke. It retails for £6.49 which is an absolute bargain, especially as the tube is massive and you only need to use a teeny tiny amount to get the desire effect. This is a product that I will re-purchase over and over and over again (especially when Boots/Superdrug have their 3 for 2 offers on!).

A decent leave in conditioning spray

For those who have a bit of spare cash lying around (I’m VERY fortunate to have a mother for a hairdresser and it just so happens her salon stocks Davines) my number one favourite leave in spray has to be the Davines OI all in one milk. It smells lovely and leaves hair feeling smooth and healthy. Despite the hefty price tag of £18.80 you get 135ml of product and it seems to last for a life time. If you are on a budget though, fear not! I adore the Aldi/Lacura leave in conditioner: It has a much friendlier price tag of £1.99 and the bottle is colossal.


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