Ten things making me super happy lately #2

Ten things making me super happy lately #2

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After having two weeks away from blogging I thought that for my first proper post (ie not a rambly diary style one) I would write something nice, light and positive so here are ten things making me happy lately.

1.0 The beginnings of springApparently the beast from the East is rumoured to be returning this weekend but for now I’m ignoring the reports in the hope that it’s just a very big mistake from meteorologists. Jody and I spent a lovely morning in Hackfall with Bruce on Sunday and I’m LONGING for sunnier days so we can spend more time exploring as a family.

2.0 The IT Crowd. On Sunday night Jody and I decided to re-watch The IT Crowfrom the beginning – No Regrants. 

3.0 I have ten days off starting from Friday. That’s right, I’ve used four days of annual leave and bagged myself a ten day break (Thank you bank holiday weekend!). I don’t have anything planned for my time off but I’m very much looking forward to having some time off and chilling with Bruce. I’m also going to do a load of blog stuff woo!

4.o Brymor Ice Cream. As it was a nice day on Sunday Jody and I headed into the countryside to one of our favourite haunts, Brymor Ice Cream Parlour and yes, we had ice cream for breakfast. I had the chocolate with white chocolate sauce which was D-I-V-I-N-E and we even got Brucey a frozen doggy yogurt which he luuuuurved. When the weathers nicer I’m gunna have to try their Pina colada ice cream cos it sounds delicious.

5.0 Regular gel manicures. I used to paint my own nails but since getting a very boisterous dog it’s hard finding ten minutes to do them (mint nail varnish with a smattering of black dog hair stuck to it isn’t a good look). My sister’s BFF is a trained nail technician so a few weeks ago I got a gel manicure (Pink-A-Chu with gold glitter) and that’s it, I’m a convert. Gel manicures are the future for me, no doubt about it.

6.0 The Five Star Hotel on E4. The Five Star Hotel on E4 is cheap, tacky…And I love it. Starring Spencer Matthews (Made in Chelsea), Holly Hagan (Geordie Shore), Lydia Bright and Joey Essex (TOWIE) aswell as a couple of Ex on the Beach people, it follows them trying to run a hotel in IOS, Greece. It’s an easy laugh and Jody and I are OBSESSED. Kinda gutted it finishes this week not gunna lie.

7.0 Sacking off Instagram. Instagram is my favourite social media but trying to make my feed ‘bloggy’ was starting to do my head in…So I’ve given up on it. Instead I’m posting what I want, when I want and I’m much happier for it. It’s a much more realistic representation of me and my life and it’s a hell of a lot more fun.

8.0 Pretty Little Thing dresses. I’m actually on a bit of a clothes ban at the moment but when I saw these dresses I couldn’t resist – I ordered this beautiful pink one for a wedding I’m attending in May and this heart print one to wear in Manchester when we go there to see The Courteeners next weekend. I’ve never ordered anything from PLT before but they have some super cute dresses that are perfect for spring/summer.

9.0 Our garden project. As you know we live in a rented property and can’t really do much to the house…However we do have a concrete garden that we can add our own touch too. We were going to do it last year (we never got around to it) but this year we’ve been a bit more prepared. We have swept up all the dead leaves and gunk, commandeered a picnic table from the pub at the end of the street and over Easter weekend we are gunna go down the garden centre (provided the beast from the east doesn’t return) and get some pretty flowers. Now we have Bruce it will be really nice sitting out there in the sun with the Beats pill and some fruity ciders!

10.0 Looking after my niece and nephew. Now my sisters kids are one and almost two, Jody and I are a lot more confident when it comes to keeping an eye on them. They’re super cute, have so much character and when they aren’t crying they are a pleasure to be around. Babysitting them is pretty easy cos they absolutely ADORE their Uncle Jody – I’m only there to make sure they don’t bump their heads on the ceiling when he throws them in the air!

What’s making you happy lately?

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