My everyday beauty favourites

My everyday beauty favourites

Today I’m keeping it simple and sharing my everyday beauty favourites. These are the products that I use every day without fail and would repurchase as soon as they ran out, no questions asked.

Lacura dry shampoo

The Aldi beauty range is pretty sweet (and all cruelty free!) . I’ve raved on about their leave in conditioner before but my latest love is the dry shampoo (the yellow one – Paradise). It’s blatantly a knock off of Batiste but who cares ‘cos it is way better. I stopped using Batiste a while ago, for various reasons: 1) Their cruelty free stance is pretty shady, 2) the product seemed to run out pretty quickly and as it’s not exactly cheap, that’s not cool and 3) it started to feel way to chalky in my hair. I swapped over to the Lush ‘No Drought’ dry shampoo for a while but it’s a pain in the arse to apply so when I saw Aldi’s own brand dry shampoo, I snapped it up. Coming in at under a quid (I’m not sure of the exact cost, 80pish?), it’s become a staple in my daily beauty routine. A couple of spritzes, a ruffle of the hair and I’m ready to go. It smells incredible too and I love getting a whiff of it over the course of the day. Ooh, ooh and it’s really subtle in the hair – Unlike Batiste, you can barely feel or see it’s in there!

Palmers cocoa butter (the one with the pump)

When I was 18 I used to slather myself in cocoa butter every morning and every night but over the years I go out of the habit, only applying it when my skin was feeling extra reptilian. When Hannah shared her most used products of the year so far I noticed she had a Palmers product in there so I decided to repurchase the cocoa butter with the pump and I haven’t looked back. My skin is ridiculously dry at the moment because of the cold snap (randomly it’s my outer thigh/hip area that’s gone really scary) and this stuff leaves it feeling silky smooth and soft. And it smells delicious which is always a win.

The Ordinary coverage foundation

People have been raving about this foundation and if I’m going to be honest, it’s not as good as everyone makes out but this doesn’t mean that I don’t like it because I do – I’m on my fifth bottle. I wouldn’t say it’s full coverage (although it is buildable) and it’s usually non existent by dinnertime but it’s one of the few foundations that doesn’t cause me to break out. I’ve tried so many high end foundations only to come away disappointed (and covered in angry, red spots) so to find a cheap one (£5.90 by the way!) that doesn’t cause me any problems is a real win. My preferred shade – 1.2P – is a perfect match for my skin aswell.

Too Faced better than sex mascara

Another product that people have raved on about is the Too Faced better than sex mascara but unlike The Ordinary foundation, this stuff lives up to the hype. It’s the only mascara I’ve tried that makes me look like I actually have eyelashes (they are very short and stubby without product) and it adds a hell of a lot of fluttery volume.

Soap and Glory smoulderkohl eyeliner

As I’m a former emo my quest for the perfect black-as-my-soul kohl eyeliner is never ending but I think I’ve finally found THE ONE – The Soap and Glory smoulderkohl eyeliner. It’s pitch black, lasts all day and it’s only £5.50. It reminds me of the Urban Decay 24/7 glide on eye pencils but it’s a lot easier to sharpen and £10 cheaper.

Glossier You perfume

Glossier You is probably the best item that I’ve tried from the Glossier range and I’ve worn it pretty much every day since I received it for Christmas. The base notes (whatever they are) consist of ambrette, ambrox and mush (warm, smooth scents) and the tops notes are pink pepper (spice, sparkling) and iris root (earthy, green woody). Glossier say that the first ingredient is YOU as the scent will change from person to person. I dunno how true that is but every time I wear it I’m complimented on it and I love pulling on a jumper or a scarf and being greeted by the smell of it. At £45 it’s more than I would usually pay for perfume (I’m a Ghost kinda gal) but there are always discount codes knocking around to get the price down!

Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes

At the last count I have seven UD eyeshadow palettes and I just cannot get enough. Don’t get me wrong I love my KVD palette too, but for everyday use I tend to stick to Urban Decay – Usually the Naked 3 or the Heat palette. Naked 3 has the most beautiful pink shades for a super subtle office look and the Heat has beautiful oranges and reds for when I want something a bit more striking (or something that makes me look more awake). They are as soft as butter, super pigmented and they usually look the same at the end of the day as they do at the beginning.

What are your everyday beauty favourites?


  • Felicity

    01/03/2018 at 4:46 pm

    Urban Decay Naked palettes are part of my every day look, too! I haven’t tried the Heat palette yet, my personal favourite for my everyday work look is the Naked2 Basics. I also love the Better than Sex mascara, so wonderful!

    Have you tried the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palettes? I love them because they’re very similar to the Urban Decay Naked ones, but a little less expensive plus they smell like chocolate! They’re great.

    Hope you have a fantastic day!
    Felicity |

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