Why I will never stop retweeting ‘politicized’ tweets


why I will never stop retweeting politicised tweets

(I know this pictures a bit shit but I had limited options so meh. I’m not a photographer so it will do).

If you follow me on Twitter you will know I retweet a lot of people – In the last week alone I have retweeted Leanne Woodfull’s blog post on repealing the eighth (and I’ve previously shared many of her other tweets regarding the vote), American teenagers giving passionate speeches on why they deserve to go to school and not be shot at, why Black Panther is so important, digs at the president of the USA, a video of Stormzy questioning Theresa May over Grenfell at the Brit awards and tweets in support of the NHS.

For some people, these retweets and shares are too much and they choose to unfollow.

And that’s cool I get it.

Some people don’t agree with what I share, some people, quite simply, don’t care and others don’t want to ‘see that shit on my timeline’.

But even if I lost all of my followers because of it, I would never stop sharing posts on important subject matters like the above.

I just wouldn’t.

I’ve had people say to me in real life ‘ If you are so passionate about it, why don’t you do something about it instead of retweeting others?’ but the truth is, I wouldn’t even even know where to start. I am a slim, white, able-bodied female who comes from a two parent family who both worked full time jobs to support our family and when I was 18 I met a boy who went on to be my husband. I went to a decent school, got good grades and haven’t struggled getting jobs. I live in one of the safest parts of the country and I am in pretty  good health.

Bottom line is that I am very privileged and I am very aware of that.

So why would I talk about experiences that I don’t have any experience of?

Sure I know that the NHS is in tatters and houses prices are insane but they seem like pretty small fish compared to the repeal the eighth vote and the debate over a ban on assault weapons (Spoiler alert: No-one needs an assault weapon full stop).

The people who I retweet are living those experiences, they are much more educated on these matters than I am, they have done their research or they have so much passion that their words speak to me. It just makes sense to share what they have to say and amplify their voices rather than chucking my own 2p in. I don’t have the largest following, I know that, but if one person sees that tweet and shares it, talks about it or changes their view on the matter then that can only be a good thing.

One thing I love about social media is how it can bring important issues to light and get people talking. Some slag social media off but when used in this way it can be one of the most powerful tools that we have – We can tweet politicians our disdain, we can call brands out on their shitty ethics and customer service and we can support and lift one another up in the darkest of times.

I think that’s kind of amazing, don’t you?

And that is why I will never stop retweeting what some would call ‘politicized’ tweets.

They are important – they educate.

So unfollow me if they aren’t your jam – I’m okay with that.

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