The Sunday Catch Up #49

Sunday catch up - Jody and Bruce

It might be a bit fuzzy and badly lit but how cute is this photo of Jody and Bruce? They melt my icy cold heart.

This week’s been spectacularly average – There’s not really anything major to report on if I’m being truthful but I’ve gotten back into the habit of creating these posts so I’m gunna keep it up whilst I’m on a roll.

Have a lovely week!

Watching ‘Girls’ with Jodes

I’ve watched Lena Dunham’s ‘Girls’ all the way through a couple of times but Jody only saw the final season – He really enjoyed what he saw so this week we started watching it from season one. It’s been a while since I watched the earlier seasons and it’s so weird seeing how much the characters have changed and matured (or y’know, not matured in some cases). I was a bit disappointed with the way Girls ended – I wanted more of Jessa, Shoshanna, Elijah and Adam personally – but I’m really enjoying re-watching it. I’m still holding out for an Elijah spin off, not gunna lie.

Vice liquid lipsticks

Jody bought me a couple of the Vice liquid lipsticks for Christmas and at first I didn’t really like the formula, especially when compared to my beloved KVD everlasting liquid lipstick. I persevered though and with a proper scrubbing of the lips (I use The Kiss from Lush) and a slick of Vaseline they go on okay and man, they do not budge. My everyday favourite is Backtalk – a mauve pink that’s the perfect ‘your lips but better’ colour for the office – and I also have Psycho a bright glittery pink. I think I’ll be adding a bold red to my collection next time I see a UD stand.

A refund from our energy supplier

We pay a direct debit of £80 a month to our energy supplier and most of the time we fall short of that amount (which you would expect as our house is the size of a hobbit hole). This means a very tasty £207 refund found it’s way into my account on Friday and as I don’t get paid til next week, it was extremely welcome.

The Sherlocks in Middlesborough

On Wednesday night Jody and I went to see The Sherlocks in Middlesborough. We almost didn’t go because we are lazy and couldn’t be arsed but we did and they were awesome. We felt ancient as the crowd was mainly made up of people aged 18 and under but we still had a good time stood at the back with the other couples and older fans. I’m predicting big things for The Sherlocks in 2018, they’re the first band I’ve been excited about in a very long time

Primark pink hoodie

Last week I went a bit mad in Primark and whilst I didn’t really need most of the things I bought, there is one thing I haven’t stopped wearing all week – a baby pink £7 hoodie. I’m terrible for nicking Jody’s hoodies so I thought I’d buy my own to stop him whinging. I sized up for maximum slouchiness and it’s so cosy I’ve even been wearing it to work. At £7 it was an absolute steal (I’m gunna go back and buy at least two more) and apparently baby pink is my colour aswell, who knew!?

Staying on track with my reading goal

I’m aiming to read 52 books in 52 weeks and as I’m on my fourth book of February, I’m currently on track. I really enjoying setting aside half an hour a night to get absorbed in a book but I’m not sure my bank account is quite as happy as all my money seems to be going on, yep, more books! I’ll be sharing my February reads in a round up post at the end of the month so make sure you check in.

Have you got any highlights you would like to share from your week?


  • Chelsee Dagger

    20/02/2018 at 9:46 am

    Aww! Your dog! Is he a Staffie?
    I’m on my 4th book of the year so far as well, my aim is 15/20 this year. They’re fairly thick books that I own but have never read, good luck to you! Are you on Goodreads? I’m really enjoying the site, only been on there since the start of this month.
    My highlight of the week has to be finding a 1500 puzzle of cats in a charity shop last Saturday haha! I’ve been looking for one to do as I’m off work recovering from an operation so it’ll pass some time away. x

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