The Sunday Catch Up #48

Ripon Clock tower

Good Morning! Shall we get on with it?

How bright and blue it was on Wednesday

Tuesday was frikkin miserable – It didn’t stop snowing til about 2pm, it was arctic cold and yeah it was just shit – so to wake up to beautiful blue skies and sunshine on Wednesday was an absolute delight. It was still pretty cold mind but when I went for a walk with Bruce I had to take my scarf off and I was even squinting it was so bright. The end is nigh wah! Cold but bright days (Older people usually describe em as fresh don’t they?) are without my favourite kind of days and here’s hoping there’s some more heading our way.

Cinema date with Jodes

I’m trying to stop being so lazy through the week so on Wednesday I utilised my Meerkat Movies 2 for 1 cinema code and booked seats for a 7.55 showing of Gerard Butler’s latest movie, Den of Thieves. We went for a Burger King (which was delicious – I had a rosti peppercorn tendercrisp burger) before heading over to Vue and I thought it was an EXCELLENT movie – If you liked The Town or End of Watch then go see it. We’ve gotten really lazy lately so making the effort to actually do something was really good for us.

Walking Bruce on a dinnertime

At one point the thought of walking Bruce filled me with dread (he is three stone of pure muscle, hates dogs and loves jumping over walls with you attached to the other end of the lead) but recently his behaviour has gotten a bit better and I’m finding him a lot easier to handle. Because of this I’ve started to look forward to our dinnertime walkies together, yay! Trying a new route has definitely helped – we go through the city now instead of round the fields – and I’m so pleased with his new found manners.

An Urban Decay sale purchase

Urban Decay heavy metal glitter liners are THE BEST glitter liners around so when I saw their holiday collection liners on sale for a tenner (saving £5) I decided to treat myself to one. I opted for Grind, a beautiful baby pink with iridescent glitter and ooooh boy it’s a beauty. I’m still itching to get my hands on Junkshow (bright pink) and Amp (teal) but 1) they are out of stock and 2) they aren’t on sale so I will just have to be patient.

Booking Friday off work

I have six days of holiday to use before the end of March so on Wednesday night, after a particularly shitty start to the week, I decided to book Friday off…And what a magnificent idea that was. I’ve had a pretty busy weekend so having one day just to lie around and take it easy was pretty nice. I saw my Dad and Nephew, walked Bruce and then spent the afternoon napping. It was pretty sweet.


Fresh hair

My hair has been in dire need of a touch up for some time now so yesterday I went to my Mums salon to get it sorted out. She had the new Wella Colour Fresh Create colours to play with and I walked away with petrol blue and Cadbury purple underneath and ice blonde on top.

A Primark binge

Before I went for my hair appointment I thought it would be a good idea to go into Primark and, dear reader, it was not a god idea. I sunk a fair whack of money on a load of things I kind of didn’t need BUT I did get some nice home bits and some work clothes. Our Primark is usually pretty crap but for once I found everything I wanted.

How was your week?

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