The Sunday Catch Up #47

Mac and cheese

We all know the drill with these posts now don’t we? So I won’t waffle on.

The Sunday catch up: A list of things that I’ve done/enjoyed/have been of note over the last week.

Enjoy x

Signing up for a six week course at a local college

My not so new anymore job includes some accounts based duties so my boss offered to fund a place on a course for me so I could get to grasps with the more technical side of things – So in May I’ll be starting a ‘Computerised accounts for business’ short course! The course should give me a lot more knowledge in order to do my job and I’m really hoping that if it goes well he will put me through my AAT (A girl can dream though right?).

Tea with my Nannie

On Wednesday night I went round to my Nannies for tea and as usual I ate so much I thought I was gunna pop (chicken pasta with doughballs, a M&S chocolate sundae and a tube of mini eggs just incase you were wondering). I love going round to my Nans house, it’s always so warm and cosy and she’s great company.  Now that January is over and I’m kind of our of hibernation I’m gunna make a lot more effort to see my friends and family.

Having a nosy at my friends new house

My friend is recently single so she’s moved into her own pad and omg, it’s so nice. It’s a really cute one up, one down with a new kitchen and carpets aswell as a fresh paint job. It suits her down to the ground and she seems very happy all things considering. NGL, I’m a lil bit jealous – It’s like a little hobbit hole. We spent an hour chattering away and it was nice to see her outside of the pub (where we usually do all of our meeting).

A book delivery

As I’m currently in a ‘must devour all the books’ stage I’m taking advantage of my Amazon Prime membership in a big way. On Thursday ‘Eat Up’ by GBBO alumni Ruby Tandoh and ‘Everything I know about love’ by journalist and podcast host Dolly Alderton landed on my doormat and I can’t wait to get stuck into them as the reviews have been great.

Beverley sharing my millennials post in her newsletter

When I share pieces that are a bit more thoughtful I’m always really nervous to press publish – What if I sound like a blithering idiot? What if it doesn’t really make sense? What if people are negative about it ? – which is why I don’t post that many. Anyway I haven’t had any bad feedback on it and Beverley even shared it in her newsletter! Someone choosing to share your work is such a massive compliment and it really gave me the boost I needed as I’ve been feeling quite ambivalent towards my blog lately. You can sign up to the Pack Your Passport newsletter here.

Looking after my niece and nephew for a bit

Yesterday Jody and I spent an hour or so looking after Ivy and Reggie and it was a lot of fun – They have so much personality for such little people and Jody would make a great children’s entertainer. Luckily my sister came home just as Ivy was doing her business so I didn’t even have to change a nappy – RESULT.

Lunch at the Old Spring Well

After our babysitting stint we headed to a local pub for some grub – Jody had a steak and I had Mac and cheese with chicken, onion rings and garlic bread (pictured above). We haven’t been out for dinner in a long time so it was nice to shake things up a bit. It was also pretty nummy and only cost £30 which ain’t too shabby.

How was your week?

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