The Sunday catch up #50


Happy Sunday! This post is coming to you a little later than usual so sorry about that buuuut I couldn’t be arsed finishing it off this morning. So, on with the Sunday catch up.

The Vero app

So on Saturday night Twitter was buzzing with the news that there was a new social media app, set to rival Instagram – Vero. Obviously I jumped straight on the bandwagon but because off the hype the app kept glitching so I went to bed. This morning I opened it up and started having a play with it and so far, I think I really like it. Sure it’s probably just a fad but I like just how easy it is to share links, photos, books, tv shows, etc. When you upload a photo it also has a great filter called Rose that I will no doubt be using on every photo for the rest of my life (I used it on the one above. Not great quality but look at that pink hue!).

If you want to follow me my details are below.

I’ve finally got something in my savings!

This time last year I had six grand in my savings account but moving out, holidays, Christmas and buying a car pretty much wiped me out. It’s taken me ages to adjust to paying proper bills and then I changed jobs meaning a couple of half wages. I finally feel like I’m in a place to save again and there is currently £300 in my bank account wahoo! There’s no promises that it will be there at the end of the month but I’m going to try.

Early morning dog walks

Jody and I have been up at half 7 on both days this weekend so we’ve been getting up and out with the dog pretty early. It’s been absolutely baltic but as the sun has been out, the walks have been proper lovely. Our city is actually quite nice before everyone else wakes up.

Sunday dinner

As this is coming to you a little later than usual I can talk about the lush sausage Sunday dinner I had at a local pub. Mash, potatoes, parsnips, carrots and a huge Yorkshire puddings – everything you need for the perfect roast. We were supposed to go to Aldi afterwards but we sacked it off, came home and had a two hour nap. It’s been a pretty sweet Sunday guys not gunna lie.

Books books books

One of my mum’s clients works in books (is that a thing? Do I mean publishing? I don’t know) so every now and again my Mum brings me a sack full of books that she no longer needs. It’s great for me as they are usually crime based so they’re right up my street. On top of this, Amazon also have the 3 paperbacks for £10 offer on so I picked up a couple of books that I’ve been wanting to read for a while now (The Power, Eleanor Elephant is completely fine and Perfect Remains). I just really, really love books okay?

May the rest of your Sunday be full of carbs and Friends re-runs xx

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