How to have the perfect solo night in


solo night in

Full disclosure this post in sponsored by and written in collaboration with Panasonic and their rather jazzy 4KTV Panasonic televisions. All thoughts, opinions and love for super cosy nights in front of the TV are my own.

Since Jody started working night shifts I’ve had an awful lot of time on my hand. I try and use this free time to see friends and family but sometimes the introvert in me just wants to stay at home with Bruce and chill out on the sofa. It can be a little bit boring sometimes but two months down the line I think I’ve finally mastered the perfect solo night in.

Make a pit stop at a posh supermarket.

Obviously this isn’t something I do every night cos hello I’ve got bills to pay but every now and again it’s nice to go get some treats from the posh supermarket. My posh supermarket is a Booths (I used to work there once upon a time) and they have a lush bakery section which is home to the BEST chocolate croissants, a fresh orange juice press thingy aswell as a freezer full of Cook food. If you don’t know about Cook, they basically sell frozen ready meals that taste INSANE. I don’t often feel like cooking when there is only me to cook for (I don’t like doing the washing up) so Cook ready meals are the next best thing. I really like their lasagne and their roast potatoes.

You should also treat yourself to some fresh flowers. Nothing fancy, just a one pound bunch of daffodils will do.

Have a Lush bath completed with face mask, hair mask, the works.

No solo night in is complete without a fancy bath/shower is it? One where you take your time to take your make up off, apply a face mask, wash your hair and apply a hair mask, shave your legs…You know, the works. A bath bomb isn’t a requirement but it definitely helps, especially if it’s bright pink or purple and smells like sweeties. Make sure you slather on some body butter once you get out of the bath, get into some fresh jammies (that have ideally been toasting on the radiator) and enjoy feeling super fresh and fancy.

Massive cardigans or hoodies are a must

I love a good dressing gown, I really do, but my perfect solo night uniform consists of a giant cardigan (I really like the blogger fave one from River Island at the moment) or one of Jody’s hoodies over my jim-jams. Oversized = The best.

solo night in
Set up camp in your favourite place

Whether this is in the living room on the sofa or curled up in bed, set up camp – Make sure you have all the remotes to hand, have a drink ready and ensure that there are plenty of snacks within reach (Gummy sweets and gourmet crisps are my snack of choice). Light some candles, snuggle under a blanket or your quilt and get a hot water bottle on the go (or if you have a pet, use them instead) for maximum cosiness.

Select something to watch that your partner/friend/roommate wouldn’t normally watch with you

I’m one of those people who spoils tv shows for Jody if I watch them when he’s not here – I don’t mean to it just slips out. This means anything we both like is off the table when he’s at work so I can’t watch things like Peaky Blinders or Game of Thrones without him just incase. Instead I use this time to watch things I know he wouldn’t really like – Trashy tv like Keeping up with the Kardashians and Teen Mom OG, animal documentaries (Jody loves a good nature doc but I could literally watch them 24/7 and not get bored) or indie sort of rom-coms like Obvious Child (Jenny Slate) or Say When (Keira Knightley). You get to watch what you REALY like without any running commentary or complaining.

A good book.

No solo night in is complete without a good book in my eyes – There’s only so much tv you can watch before it starts to get boring and it’s good for the old peepers to have a break from rectangular screens every now and again. Reading a book before bed will also help you fall asleep a hell of a lot easier! Good books I’ve read recently and would recommend are THUG by Angie Thomas, Everything I Know About Love by Dolly Alderton and Still Me by JoJo Moyes, the third book in the Louisa Clark series.

Well now you know my idea of the perfect solo night in…What’s yours?

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