Six things I’ve already learned in 2018


Yes I know we are only 38 days into 2018 but I feel like I’ve already learned some lessons in 2018 that are worthy of a share.

The importance of making time for family and friends

Towards the end of 2017 I became a bit of a recluse, choosing to stay at home instead of seeing my friends and family. I don’t really have a reason why, I think it was just a combo of the cold and the dark and being a bit of a lazy cow. Anyhow after a slow start in January I’ve finally found some balance. I see my loved ones but I also make time for me. I’m definitely your classic introvert – I don’t mind a few hours surrounded by people but when I’m done, I’m done and I need to go home and re-charge.

Reading is one of the simplest pleasures in life

If you follow me on Instagram you will have noticed that I’m documenting what books I’ve read this year. I’m trying to read 52 books in 52 weeks and posting a photo of each book completed is really motivating me to carry on going. I devoured books as a teenager but as a I grew up life got in the way and I let the habit slide. Luckily my goal means that my reading habit has come back in a big way this year though and I love curling up with a good book with Bruce on my lap to keep me warm. It also helps that all the books I’ve read so far have been brilliant.

I also need to start making more time for my relationship

Since Jody started his new job (working alternative 12 hour day/night shifts) we have gotten very lazy – Again the cold and the dark don’t really help nor did the 6 week pay gap from Christmas-January. We’ve also stopped doing things on a weekend because we don’t want to leave Bruce alone for too long. It’s time we made more of an effort with one another, even if it’s just a quick pub lunch on a Saturday afternoon or a Meerkat Movies cinema date mid-week. (We still get on really well FYI I’m just saying we need to start doing things).

To stop being so structured with my blog and be a bit more spontaneous

Blogging is my creative outlet and I enjoy it a lot but I’ve struggled to come up with content in January – I think Blogmas may have played a part in the lack of ideas?! Luckily I’ve had a city break and an event to create content around but other than that I’ve been a bit lost when it comes to creating original content. With this in mind I decided to take a step back – I scrapped my editorial calendar and binned a load of drafts, deciding to blog a bit more freely. I wrote this post on millennials and it felt really good to write something reactive instead of having posts stockpiled for the weeks ahead. I’m sure my schedule will be back in time but for now I’m winging it.

Having a skincare routine just doesn’t work for me

After years of struggling with my teenage skin (The mean girls used to call me pizza face every time I walked into the girls toilets – How lovely) a combination of growing up and going on the pill seemed to settle it down. I didn’t really use anything in terms of skincare but in 2017 I got into it in a big way…. And that’s when my skin flared up again. I entered 2018 with angry red boils on my face and despite trying to get into a routine to calm it down, nothings really worked. Turns out my face/skin just doesn’t react kindly to anything I put on it so it’s goodbye Glossier, goodbye Lush, hello good old fashioned micellar water….The only thing that doesn’t cause a reaction.

How fun fashion can be

I’ve always been a lot more alternative and risky than my friends but this year I’ve really turned things up a notch. I’ve been pairing striped rainbow jumpers with clashing leopard print, trying out men’s style checked trousers and dressing – as my Dad & husband say – like a hippy art teacher. I feel like I’ve started to really come into my own when it comes to clothes and you never know, you might see a little bit of fashion blogging round here one day. I feel super confident in what I wear aswell which is nice.

Have you learned anything new in 2018?


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