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Lush Valentines 2018


The Lush Valentines collection is one that I always look forward too – Pastel colours, beautiful sweetie scents…What’s not to like? This year they really knocked it out of the park (although I’m gutted the lover lamp didn’t make a return) and a few of the products look good enough to eat. I didn’t go too wild as some of the scents really didn’t appeal to me (rose – BLERGH) but the things I did buy I absolutely adore.

Heart of Enlightened Expectation – Bubble Bar Melt – £4.50

Jasmine absolute, rose absolute, cocoa butter, geranium oil.

This bubble bar is so pretty! It looks like cake with meringue on top doesn’t it? If I’m going to be honest with you, I probably wouldn’t have bought this if I was instore – It smells very ‘planty’ and outdoorsy if you know what I mean (well duh Jess, look at the ingredients) and I usually don’t go for that kind of scent (I’m sweet or citrus). I haven’t used this one so can’t comment on it’s bubbliness but the video on the Lush website looks promising.

Whole Lotta Love  – Bubbleroon – £4.75

Lemongrass oil, rose absolute, shea butter, murumuru butter.

Whole Lotta Love is another one that is blimmin beautiful and so much thought had gone into the design of it – It looks like a heart shaped macaron with a gold glittery filling! Thankfully the scent of this one is way more up my street than the above with the lemongrass oil really coming through and overpowering the rose absolute. I absolutely loved using this bubble bar – It turned the bath a beautiful shade of pink, created heaps of bubbles and it smelt divine. 10/10.

Love Boat  – Bath Bomb – £4.25

Sicilian lemon oil, sweet orange oil, rose oil.

The love boat is the cutest lil thing, coloured pink and blue with creamy yellow undercarriage that’s sprinkled with tiny hearts, awww! The scent reminds me a lot of The Kiss lip scrub (my F-A-V-E lip scrub FYI) and when plopped in the bath the aroma filled the whole bathroom. I couldn’t get a cute photo of the love boat in action because unfortunately, mine capsized BUT it was a lovely bath bomb that spat out pink, yellow and purple streams before settling in down into a lilacy colour. I liked this one a lot.

Unicorn Horn – Bubble Bar – £4.50

Lavender oil, neroli oil, ylang ylang oil.

The unicorn horn scent reminds me of the sleepy body lotion (which also contains lavender and ylang ylang oil) and hello, it’s rainbow coloured! It’s such a me bubble bar. Like with the Heart of Enlightened Expectation, I haven’t had chance to use this one yet – I’m waiting for an evening where I need a little help drifting off to sleep. It looks pretty cool though (pink water!) and I love that it’s big enough to split in two.

The Kiss – Lip scrub – £5.95

Sicilian mandarin oil, caster sugar, almond essential oil, fine sea salt

This is actually a repurchase as the one I bought last year went a little bit crunchy so I had to throw it out. It smells and tastes like sweeties and tbh, it takes all myself control not to eat it out of the tub. I’ve tried Easter’s chocolate and Christmas’ sugar plum fairy but this one wins out every single time. As I’ve already reviewed this one in the past I won’t blather on, just take my word for it when I say it’s awesome.

Have you tried anything from the Lush Valentines collection? What’s your favourite item?

A photo of Bruce trying to get in on the action.

Lush valentines collection

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