Life lately: Slowing down


Alright guys!

Last week I stayed away from blogging because I didn’t really have any ideas about what to post. As I’ve been preaching to you lot about scrapping your schedules and putting less pressure on yourself I figured I better take my own advice. There was no point forcing out content just for the sake of it so I busied myself with real life stuff instead – Mainly watching Girls season 3, scrolling through Instagram and laughing at Bruce fighting with a lone sock.

As much as I enjoy blogging sometimes it just gets a bit much. I love writing but on top of that you have the SEO, the social media, the photography, the networking, the scheduling…Blogging isn’t a hobby that should be taken lightly cos a lot of work goes into it! Every now and again I just like to sack it off, re-energise and then come back to it once the ideas start trickling through again. That’s why today I thought I would start with an easy breezy life lately post – A little update on my life in general.

Recently I’ve start to really appreciate the art of slowing down and taking each day as it comes. I used to be a serial planner – I liked to have my weekends plotted out well in advance but since getting Bruce I’ve relinquished my control over the weekend (something that husband is buzzing about cos I don’t ask him 10,000 times what we are doing anymore). Instead I spend my precious two days off pottering around the house, catching up on tv shows and enjoying good food.

Once upon a time mundane weekends spent doing boring things like the washing and tidying the bedroom would have been my worst nightmare but now? I like the routine and simplicity of the life I’ve built for myself. I enjoy days spent at home with my husband and my dog and when we do decide to go out, it’s spontaneous and fun rather than a military style operation.

Another reason for our new found quieter way of life? We are thinking of returning to South East Asia to celebrate Jody’s thirtieth birthday in April 2019. It’s a long way off but if we start saving now we will have a decent amount of money to go with and will be able to see and do as much as possible. As the moment Vietnam, Cambodia and Singapore are on the cards but it all depends on money and if I can get the time off work (I’m really, really hoping I can!).

We were hoping to go to these places in 2016 but our money didn’t stretch that far so we came home much earlier than we had planned. I’m glad it worked out that way though because going in 2019 means we have plenty of time to plan it and we will be able to afford to stay in nicer places (We were on a really tight budget in Thailand). I might be dusting my backpack off – something I swore I would never do again – but there is no way in hell I am going in shared dorms. I had enough of them in Sydney.

What else can is there to tell you about?

Well I’m currently obsessed with the colour pink – homeware, clothing, make up…If it’s pink I want it. In the last week alone I’ve bought: (affiliate links) this jumper, these trousers (although I sent them back), a blanket from Primark and the Venus XL eyeshadow palette. Most of my blog photos have a pink hue at the moment and going forward it’s going to be my ‘theme’ – I might not be able to take glossy, technical images but I can take pretty pink themed ones on my Iphone.

I haven’t been to the gym in three weeks because, quite simply, I can’t be arsed. I’m not going to cancel my membership cos I know eventually I’ll pick it back up again but for now, I’m out. It’s too cold, it’s too dark and I don’t have any motivation. I go through phases with the gym and whilst I’m not a fan at the moment, it’s nice to know that if I do fancy going, I can. It will still be there when I decide to get off my lazy arse.

This week is set to be pretty cold – We have snow scheduled for FOUR whole days and the temperature is set to be in the minus figures for the whole week. If you follow me on Twitter you’ll know that I’m ALWAYS cold so I’m hoping the news reports that this arctic blast is gunna last for another month are wrong. I’m so ready for a bit of spring!

And I guess that’s it really. I’ve got two more posts ready for this week – They will be going live on Wednesday and Friday – so it looks like having a week away from the blog has done my creativity some good.

I hope your Monday is as good as a Monday can be!

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