Six things you can do to improve your blogging experience

six things you can do to improve your blogging experience

With all the scandal over bought followings, fakery and copying, the blogging community has become a little bit, well, toxic. Then there’s the sheer number of blogs that are around these days, dodgy awards that celebrate numbers over engagement and OTT trips to the Maldives to celebrate the launch a new mascara (to be honest, I’m just jelly).

So here we go – Six things you can do to improve your blogging experience.

My number one tip? Stay in your own lane and do your own thang.

Blogging is over saturated we all know that. The same faces are getting all of the campaigns, photos are glossy and wouldn’t look our of place in Vogue or Elle and it’s hard to catch a break when there’s a zillion other people writing about similar things to you. It’s hard to be original now but all you can do is write about what your passion about, don’t try to emulate someone else’s writing style and just y’know, be you. The readers will come you just have to be patient.

Don’t download a ‘who unfollowed me’ app.

Just don’t do it. You will become obsessed with it and you will get upset when someone you engaged with regularly unfollows you (leading you to hate-unfollow them back). It’s toxic, it’s negative and nothing good will come of it in my opinion. I know some people like to log their follower count and sometimes these apps can help you spot people who’ve bought followers (you bastards) but I speak from experience when I say they’re not good for you.

Stay within your budget.

Don’t bankrupt yourself trying to buy Gucci belts, flights to the Maldives and Jo Malone perfumes. It might create some material but it won’t make you a better blogger nor will it necessarily bring you views, engagement or brand deals. I know these examples are a *bit* extravagant but you know what I’m trying to say right? Don’t buy stuff just so you can share it on social media/because other people are buying it (cough Glossier cough). Sure if it’s something you would buy anyway then go for it, but if not then it probably won’t make you or your bank account happy.  It can be easy to get swept up in the latest blogger craze but try and stay within your means guys.

Engage because you genuinely love the content, not because you want a like back.

Obviously we all would love a like back but if you are only engaging with someone’s content to get something in return then shame on you. You should be commenting on their blog post or liking their photo because you L-O-V-E what they’ve shared and want them to know that. Thing is you can tell when people are commenting just for the sake of commenting (or y’know, their bot is) and that makes me kind of sad. Sure, when you are sharing the love there’s always the worry that you come across as a gushing OTT mess with too many exclamation marks BUT if something really resonates with you then enthusiasm is A-Okay.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself when it comes to maintaining a schedule.

If you are blogging alongside a full time job – like I imagine a lot of you are – then don’t put too much pressure on yourself to stick to a schedule. It sucks the fun out of blogging and stifles your creativity, two things that you really don’t want to happen.  If you don’t depend on your blog for income then cut yourself some slack: If you can’t think of anything to post on Wednesday then leave it. Your readers will still be there when you decide to post again.

(I’ve written a whole post on how to rediscover your creativity by the way and scheduling posts gets a mention!).

Remember that your real life is more important.

The internet is a wonderful, amazing thing but outside of domains and seo and twitter chats and instagram likes there are relationships with loved ones that need to be nurtured and a big old world that wants to be explored. Social media is a massive part of everyone’s lives these days so yeah, sharing snippets of your day is becoming a natural part of life but don’t get too bogged down by it all. Try and be present as much as possible and focus on making memories IRL – Noone will be on their deathbed thinking of their follower count or how many likes that photo got on Instagram that time.

Are you a blogger? Do you enjoy it or are you becoming disillusioned with it?


  • Tiffany Nicole

    25/02/2018 at 12:49 pm

    This is all so spot on. I think the point about not having an unfollow app is one of the most important. It’s extremly negative and you’ll just make yourself paranoid wondering why someone has unfollowed you.

    I originally had a schedule but I’ve become lax with it and I don’t mind. I feel like once a week isn’t enough but I don’t like being regimented to posting on x days at x times?

    I’m still really enjoying it, I’m just finding it difficult to motivate myself to blog when I’m ill – but why force it? I’m blogging for me – as therapy, and to help others.

    Really great post! xo

  • Alf

    26/02/2018 at 7:10 pm

    Amen to this post!! Sometimes the blogger game is going a bit crazy just for the sake of having likes and follows.

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