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This photo was taken last Easter at my Nannies house - My Nannie always has a bowl of sweets on the table when I go round and she's always willing to fill empty tummies.

This photo was taken last Easter at my Nannies house – My Nannie always has a bowl of sweets on the table when I go round and she’s always willing to fill empty tummies.

Food is a massive part of my life and I imagine it’s the same for you. For someone who only ate Heinz spag bol and chicken goujons as a kid, I’ve grown to really love food and I take great pleasure in trying new things and finding comfort in the tried and tested.

I’ve eaten food cos I’m sad, I’ve eaten food cos I’m angry, I’ve eaten food cos I’m happy and I’ve eaten food just cos, you know, you need it to live and that. Sometimes it attacks my body (hello IBS) and sometimes it brings me so much happiness that I do a lil dance.

There’s the pizzas shared with friends as we discussed our lives, the first time I ever cooked for my husband and he didn’t die of food poisoning, Christmas dinners surrounded by family wearing stupid party hats, so many nights (and hungover days) sat in front of the tv eating dirty dirty takeaway food, the first time I created a review post in exchange for a free meal, that time we were living in a Sydney hostel, absolutely broke and living off Coco Puffs…I could literally go on and on and on when it comes to my memories of food.

Food is beautiful and amazing and I personally believe it can be one of the simplest pleasures in life so, inspired by Ruby Tandoh’s twitter thread, I decided to share some foodie things that bring me great joy.

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Pancakes with chocolate sauce in Prague

Pancakes with chocolate sauce in Prague. The café was located up a massive hill that you have to climb to get to the café so we were pretty glad to chill out and have a rest. The hot chocolate was pretty good too.

  • Stuffing mini eggs into your cheek pockets like a hamster so they go all soft whilst retaining some of their crunch
  • Biting the red bit off a strawberry split before devouring the creamy innards.
  • Licking the crisp dust off your fingers (works best with packed lunch crisps like skips and wotsits)
  • A wodge of bread slathered in butter, dipped in a thick creamy soup so the butter melts and goes all mmmm.
  • Late night cheeseburgers – For some reason they taste so much better as a spontaneous midnight snack.
  • Being welcomed by the smell of bacon sizzling away on the stovetop.
  • Homemade chips.
  • When the food in a restaurant tastes SO GOOD you do a little happy dance regardless of who may be watching.
  • A jacket potato hidden by a mountain of cheese and beans.
  • Fish and chips. Oh dear God, fish and chips. The smell, the taste, everything.
  • Mashed potato – Had a bad day? Mash. Had a good day? Mash? Don’t know what you fancy? Mash. Basically mash solves all.
  • Drinking the chocolatey cereal milk out of the bowl.
  • Brownie batter.
  • Sticky honey sesame chicken from the Chinese.
  • Hot churros eaten out of a cone with lashings of icing sugar and chocolate sauce.
  • Chips and cheese with heaps of garlic sauce on your way home from the pub.
  • Crispy calamari with a seasoning that you can’t quite put your finger on.
  • Eating croissants for breakfast and feeling like a fancy French person even though they’re actually a little bit naughty.
  • The odd greasy kebab.

sausage and mash was from The Leyburn Bolton Arms

Living in North Yorkshire means we have plenty of options when it comes to grabbing a pub lunch – This sausage and mash was from TheBolton Arms in Leyburn obvs and it was bloody delicious. We should probably take a trip back there when the weather improves.

  • Taking your time over an apple and savouring the tang.
  • That rare period of time when it’s too hot to eat proper food so you live off cocktail sausages and cold pasta instead.
  • Buying a bag of Haribo and eating the eggs and the hearts first.
  • The first swig on an ice cold can of Pepsi.
  • Scouring the menu of a restaurant online before you go so you know EXACTLY what you want.
  • A giant bowl of carbonara with a slab of garlic bread to accompany it.
  • When someone suggests a takeaway with no prompts whatsoever.
  • Eggs – scrambled, fried, omeletted, baked in a cake…EGGS.
  • A perfectly cooked steak (mid-rare for me).
  • Pate spread lovingly on a crunchy piece of bread.
  • Going on a long walk armed with slightly warm, slightly squished ham sandwiches.
  • A Sunday dinner drowning in gravy with at least three different types of potato and a  side of Yorkshire pudding.
  • Glugging a full bottle of water after a heavy exercise session or on a particularly hot day.
  • The first bite of toast and glug of orange juice after a period of being poorly sick.
  • When you’re on holiday and get to eat outside because it’s warm and more importantly NOT RAINING.
  • McDonalds fries dipped in chocolate milkshake. Don’t judge me.
  • M&M’s in the cinema: made even more enjoyable when they’ve been snuck in for half the price.
  • Hot chocolates with whipped cream and marshmallows drank whilst catching up with old friends.

Do you have any favourite foodie memories?

pate from the inn in north stainley

I used to be a dessert girl through and through but now my tastebuds have matured I’m all about the savoury starter, ESPECIALLY a good pate. This one was from The Inn in North Stainley and the pate was good but the bread was not – It was so chewy!

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