You won’t love every destination you visit and that’s ok


So as you may know that last week I spent a few days in Prague to celebrate my 26th birthday and I’m a little bit gutted to announce that I didn’t fall head over heels for it. Thing is, I really thought I would – Everyone had told me how awesome it was, how cheap it was, how fun it was – but I came away feeling a little bit ambivalent towards it, like I hadn’t ‘done’ it right. I liked it yeah, but I didn’t love it like I thought I would.

Prague and I just didn’t get on aswell as much as I had hoped we would for various reasons:


I wanted to love Czech cuisine – I mean the bulk of it is meat and potatoes, you can’t go wrong – but we were either eating in the wrong places or I don’t enjoy rich, heavy food as much as I thought I did cos I didn’t really like it, neither did Jody (We tried various items aswell but nah, didn’t agree with us). This meant we were going to any old restaurant we could find because we were s-t-a-r-v-I-n-g and of the two meals I enjoyed, one set off my IBS (que a mad dash back to our hotel). For me (and husband) food is a HUGE part of travel so to dislike a lot of the food we tried made the trip quite hard for us.


We stayed in the touristy part of Prague so we knew prices would be higher but man they were all over over the place! £5.19 for a massive plate of carbonara and bread but £9 for a chocolate milkshake? Huh? £8.90 for a 200g steak but £25 for two bags of pick and mix? (Yes lol you read that right – We got them on the first night before we figured out the conversion fyi). I just didn’t get the pricing structure at all and whilst I’m aware you need to go out of the centre for a true bargain, I was so confused about the wild variety of costings.


Now I’m not one to slate people working in retail or customer service because I’ve been there and I know what a tough job it can be sometimes BUT the cashiers, waiting and bar staff all seemed super miserable and when we entered a shop/bar/restaurant we felt like we were putting them out by daring to enter their establishment. Obviously this doesn’t apply to everywhere we went or every person working in those kind of places but after a while it starts  to get you down. You can’t get cosy in a café or bar if you feel like you are putting someone out just by being there and a big part of our travels is, you guessed it, getting cosy in a café or bar and people watching.

My trip to Prague did make me realise one thing – Unfortunately we aren’t going to love every destination we visit but guess what? That’s okay. You don’t like every tv show you watch or every item of food you try do you? So you aren’t going to like every location you go to.

Sometimes you click instantly with a place (For me these were Amsterdam and Chiang Mai) and sometimes you know as soon as you arrive somewhere that you aren’t going to gel with them (Gold Coast, Bangkok, I’m looking at you). Then there are places that you thought were okay, you would recommend everyone checks out at least once but you personally wouldn’t return too – And Prague fell into this category in my opinion.

I just thought I would explain before rolling out any of my Prague content incase you wonder why I don’t gush enthusiastically about it.

(FYI – Prague might not have been my cup of tea but that doesn’t mean it won’t be for you so don’t let my feelings on it put you off).

Have you ever been somewhere you thought you would love and ended up disliking it? Tell me more!

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  • Nat

    15/01/2018 at 7:57 pm

    It is a shame that you didn’t like Prague (more because you spent money on the trip!), but as you said, it is perfectly okay!

    I felt the same about Barcelona. EVERYONE and their cat seems to love that city but I found it fairly eh.

    Nat ◇ dignifiable

  • Sarah

    16/01/2018 at 6:09 am

    My place was Paris. I so thought I was going to love it because doesn’t everyone love Paris? But nope.. after spending time in London (which I loved before I even got to my accommodation), I just found Paris a bit ‘meh’. Although I have to also say that I hated Melbourne at first but after several visits over the years, it is now my favourite Aussie city..

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