The Sunday Catch Up #46


Glossier Solution

Good day dear readers – One hopes you are all well and that your bank accounts are full cos man this month has been a tough one! January feels like it’s lasted forever (I keep forgetting about Prague and my birthday it’s been that long) but the end is finally in sight, the nights are that little bit lighter and spring isn’t that far away. Usually the length and darkness of January doesn’t really affect me but this year I’ve really felt it and I’m ready for a lil bit of sun.

This week hasn’t been a particularly spectacular week – I haven’t really done anything of note (darkness = unproductive & unmotivated) so you might find this post a little bit boring (Then again maybe you find them boring anyways? Shall I keep doing them? Shall I stop?) but you know, I’m in the habit of doing them now so here we are.

Payday and a MASSIVE Tesco shop

After what felt like forever I finally finally FINALLY got paid on Monday! Good job really because all we have in the house is an almost empty packet of butter, lasagne sheets and some microwavable mashed potato. We celebrated by doing a big online food shop full of yummy goodness for the week ahead #Adulthood. I’m trying not to spend all my money on material items this year so I’m hoping this pay packet stretches a little bit further than the last one.

Deep Water (BBC2)

Deep Water is an Aussie crime drama starring Noah Taylor (Mr Bucket, Charlie at the chocolate factory) and Yael Stone (Morello, Orange is the new black). They play two cops investigating the murder of a young gay man. At first it seems like a standalone murder but over the course of the series we soon come to find that many young gay men have died in the area under suspicious circumstances. There are only four episodes, it’s still available on Iplayer and it’s bloody good. I’m notorious for sitting on my phone whilst watching things but this hard me hooked from the start.


New Stacey Dooley on BBC Iplayer

Stacey Dooley is my favourite documentary maker and on Wednesday a new show aired on IPlayer – Second Chance Sex Offenders. As the years go on I find her documentaries are getting grittier and harder to watch but man she’s good. She tries to be as impartial and as fair as possible which I imagine can be quite hard considering some of the situations she finds herself in. Another one is released on the 31st looking at domestic violence in Russia and her first book ‘On the front line with the women who fight back is out on the 15th (I pre-ordered it when it was announced cos I’m a fangirl).

Repurchasing my beloved Too Faced better than sex mascara

When I was in Las Vegas I finally succumbed to the BTS hype and my life has never been the same since (slight exaggeration there but hey!). It transformed my stubby lashes that refused to curl and when it ran out before Christmas I was devastated. Well seeing as Cult Beauty now stock Too Faced and were offering free shipping it seemed rude not to re-purchase it. I’ve finally found my number one mascara and I 100% see what all the fuss was about. Now it’s just a case of waiting for the postman to deliver it…

Glossier Solution

This month I decided my other beauty purchase (I’m on a sort of spending ban) would be Glossier’s latest release, a chemical exfoliator called Solution. It only arrived yesterday so I don’t have any thoughts on it yet but as my forehead seems to have exploded in little red spots, I’m really hoping it helps.

And that’s it – Told you it was kinda boring. Have a good week!

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