My mini resolutions for 2018


mini resolutions

On Monday I shared my main goal for 2018 and today I wanted to share my mini resolutions with you. I guess you could say they are more ‘lifestyle changes’ than they are resolutions or goals. Does that kinda make sense?

Go to the cinema more

My relationship with my husband is pretty much built on a love for the cinema and indie music and whilst we are doing pretty well on the attending gigs front, I can count on one hand the number of times we went to the cinema in 2017. With the discovery that Odeon is actually pretty cheap (although not as comfortable) compared to other cinemas in the area, I’m hoping we will go a little bit more. There’s quite a few movies I want to see this year (list to come at the end of the week) so there are going to be lots of chances to go.

Eat more greenery

In 2017 I started getting a lot braver with my food choices (I think it’s cos I moved out and had more freedom to experiment in the kitchen) and this year I want to continue that. My main goal though is to start working towards my five a day – I really struggle eating vegetables due to the texture but I’d like to start adding  a portion of veg to every meal, something I don’t currently do. At the moment I’m eating carrots, parsnips, leeks (in soup), peppers and broccoli which is a start but if anyone has any picky eater recipes/tips they can recommend then do let me know!

Take more photographs

When I was younger I used to be that girl who shoved the camera in your face, took a selfie with everyone she knew and took photos of anything and everything but sadly this is a habit I grew out of. This year I want to pick the habit back up again and I’d actually really like to take a beginners guide to photography course – I have a DSLR camera and I kinda know how to use the manual settings but I would love to fine tune my skills. At the moment it’s just an idea but maybe later on in the year (when I have a bit more funding) it can be a possibility. I’ve also decided to take a photo a day – Even if it’s just a crappy blurry iPhone image of my dog!

Do you have any small goals in mind for the year ahead?

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