My main goal for 2018


goals for 2018

I’ve actually written quite a few ‘goals for 2018’ posts but for some reason none of them felt right and they’ve all ended up in the trash pile. It’s not that I don’t want to set myself goals it’s just that none of them felt particularly genuine – It felt more like I was setting them for the sake of setting them.

After going away and having a think I realised there is only one goal that I really want to set myself:

To stop spending so much money on material things and instead save for experiences and the things that matter.

It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that I spend a lot of money (and I’m sure some of you have probably picked up on it aswell) and even though I knew I had a bit of a spending problem, it’s only recently dawned on me just how bad it is.

I don’t really need any of the things I buy, I just want them – The urge takes over, I buy them, I have a fleeting moment of joy then the moment passes and either the guilt kicks in and they go back OR I use them for all of five minutes before forgetting I even have them. There are only so many eyeshadow palettes one woman needs and if I buy anymore thick woolly jumpers I think Jody *might* have an aneurysm.

I have big things planned for the next couple of years, big things that require money. A new car that needs to be paid off monthly, a mortgage deposit that needs to be scraped together, a thirtieth birthday trip to South Africa that needs to be planned and paid for…None of it comes cheap and I’m sure I can live without the latest Urban Decay launch if it means I get to invest in my future instead.

Which is why, in 2018, I am pledging to stop spending so much money on material possessions that I definitely do not need.

And I’m putting it in writing, on the internet, so I can’t go back on what I’ve said.

I’m sure there will be blips along the way (I’m only human after all) but I think now I’ve got it cemented in my head that I need to stop spending so much money, I might find it easier to follow through.

I’m feeling pretty good but you know, it is only the first of January so maybe check back in a month’s time (hell even a week would be impressive for me!).

Have you set any goals or resolutions for the new year! Tell me in the comments below.


  • Liv

    01/01/2018 at 11:30 am

    I need to start saving too! Last year I spent money on so many useless things that were so materialistic and I didn’t need them!

    1. Alrightblondie

      02/01/2018 at 10:53 am

      Usually I say I’m gunna start saving and subsequently spend all my money on ASOS and Urban Decay but I think this time I’m actually gunna do it ! xx

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