It’s been two years since I came home from my travels…


Today marks two years since I arrived home from my travels around Australia and Thailand. We had a gruelling journey from Thailand to Heathrow (we almost missed our connection into Abu Dhabi due to rain in Bangkok) then we had to hang around at Kings Cross for a few hours before catching a train back up North where our parents were waiting patiently for us to arrive.

Not a day goes by where I don’t think about my adventures in Australia, Bali and Thailand and I often find myself wondering ‘What if?’…But I’ve made my decision now and I’m in Yorkshire for the foreseeable. I wasn’t really sure what kind of post I wanted to create to commemorate my two years at home so I decided on a quick fire one that wasn’t too deep or moany.

Things I miss:

  • Living no more than a ten minute drive to the beach
  • The incredible sunsets
  • South East Asia being a hop, skip and a jump away
  • The national parks and all the cool wildlife (but not the bugs)
  • Cheap public transport
  • The balcony our bedroom had
  • Camp Sweden and the Metro Hardware crew
  • That feeling of adventure and excitement

Things I don’t miss:

  • Shitty Skype connections
  • Inconsiderate dorm mates
  • Only being able to speak to my family at certain times of day
  • The lack of good crisps and chocolate
  • How cold it got in the Winter (Perth can get to 0 degrees and there’s no insulation in Aussie houses!)

Things I wish I’d done differently:

  • Applied for sponsorship in Perth (If I was gunna stay, that’s where I would have stayed for sure)
  • Made more of an effort to go to Darwin, Cairns, Tasmania and Uluru (there’s still time!)
  • Rented an apartment in Sydney instead of staying in a hostel
  • Bypassed Surfers Paradise and stayed in Byron Bay longer.
  • Spent more time in South East Asia.
  • Been a bit more careful with my money.

Things I’ve learned in the last two years:

  • Adjusting back to real life is hard – Even if you did struggle in the hostels and miss your family. It’s hard cos nothing’s changed but everything is different at the same time…Does that even make sense? Just because you went away the world didn’t stop turning.
  • It takes a while to find your feet but eventually you settle down and move on. It’s weird how your travels start to feel like a dream after a certain period of time.
  • That wanderlust feeling never goes away and you will constantly find yourself googling cheap flights or researching cool hotels to stay in. Every other week I have a new holiday idea in my head (Jody just rolls with it these days).
  • Family is the most important thing and being a million miles away from them sucked – Some days I regret ever coming home but I’m still really glad I did cos it means I get to see Ivy and Reggie grow up.
  • Seeing more of the world was amazing but I’m definitely a homebird, no doubt about it.
I can’t believe it’s been two years since I returned home and do you know what? I think it might be time for another adventure.

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