Life lately: BRB I’m going on holiday


holiday - picture of Prague guidebook and map

Aaah it feels like forever since I’ve been on an adventure!

In reality it’s only been six months since I got on a plane and that was for our BIG holiday of 2017 – a 10 day trip to Las Vegas and NYC. We were actually supposed to go to Berlin in October but ended up cancelling it as we had only had Bruce for a few weeks and felt it was unfair to disrupt him so soon after adopting him.

Anyway after six months of staying in one place it’s finally, finally time to escape the gloom and grizzle of Yorkshire and tomorrow we head to the gloom and grizzle of Prague, woo!

We are heading to Prague tomorrow morning to celebrate my 26th birthday (which is on Tuesday if you were wondering) and I am so excited to explore a new to me country. I have it in my head that it’s going to be a bit like Amsterdam and I bloody loved it there so here’s hoping right?!

Much like with Amsterdam we haven’t actually got a lot planned for our time in Prague. I’ve booked a reservation for a birthday brunch at the Prague chocolate cafe & bistro as I’ve heard great things about their hot chocolate and would be devastated if we couldn’t get a seat cos we hadn’t pre-booked!

But other than that? Nada.

Jody would like to go to the beer spa, I’d like to go on a river cruise but neither of them are dealbreakers really. We are more looking forward to having a few days away together, without the dog (bless him, love you Bruce) or our friends or our jobs, taking in the sights and people watching from various bars.

Even though I’ve had two weeks off work for Christmas and New Year I’ve been super unproductive and lazy, barely leaving the house, so I’m really looking forward to getting off my butt and exploring somewhere new.

I’ve decided to go AWOL on Twitter and the old blog whilst I’m away – After all enjoying my holiday with my husband is the the main goal for my lil trip – but I’ll no doubt be VERY active on Instagram…You can follow me here if you fancy checking out what we get up to in Prague *wink wink*.

And with that I bid you adieu! Any Prague tips and/or tricks will be greatly appreciated!

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