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My five favourite Prague experiences


Prague. Praguey Praguey Prague. We might not have seen eye to eye but there were some parts that I highly enjoyed:


My number one favourite thing to do in Prague HAD to be the alchemist’s chamber escape room at MindMaze. We paid 1200CZK between us (about £40) and had an hour to figure out a load of puzzles and riddles in order to find the philosophers stone and escape before the alchemist came home. Neither of us had ever done an escape room before and it’s safe to say we will definitely be doing another one as we had the best time.

You usually get 60 minutes to escape but as we were the last booking and were SO CLOSE to the end, we were given an extra ten and managed to get out in the nick of time. Escape rooms exercise mind muscles you didn’t even know you had and I can’t believe I hadn’t done one before. Such fun.

The sex machines museum

We went to the sex museum in Amsterdam and I’m no prude, but WOW, I walked round in a state of shock and disgust cos some of the things on display were a bit graphic for my sensitive eyes. The Prague sex machines museum was nowhere near as bold (although there was a 1920/30’s porn film playing in the erotic cinema) and actually turned out to be quite informative. It wasn’t the cheapest (I think it was £9ish and I forgot my student discount card damn) but we spent a good hour or so there reading all the information.

Apetit, Prague

On our second day we had a bit of a lie in and come 11am we wandering the streets trying to find some breakfast. Half an hour later and we couldn’t decide where to go and stumbled across Apetit, a nautical themed restaurant in a basement. By this point it was too late for breakfast so we decided to have steaks – I had green beans, bacon and cream sauce and roasties with bacon with mine and Jodes had a fried egg and French fries. It was the nicest meal we ate whilst we were in Prague and it only set us back £30 (for good quality steaks) so it turned out to be quite the gem. My steak was 315 czk and down the road at La Casa Argentina you could get one for 750 czk….So there you go.

Mooching around

Prague and I didn’t click that well but one thing I did love was the gorgeous pastel coloured buildings. Seriously, you should see how many building photos there are on my camera roll (there’s a couple on my Instagram if you are interested). Have a walk from Wenceslas Square to Old Town Square then walk over Charles Bridge toward Prague castle and you will know exactly what I mean.

The Zombie Bar

Zombie Bar is located down a side street near Wenceslas Statue and  it was by far my favourite bar in Prague. It was quiet and it was reasonably priced for it’s location – We are talking £6 a cocktail and believe me, the bartenders mix with a heavy hand so you get your moneys worth. My poison of choice was a sex on the beach and it was delicious. Loved it even if my head in the morning didn’t.

Have you been to Prague? What was your favourite part?


  • Amita

    22/01/2018 at 2:15 pm

    These places must have been so cool to visit! I really want to go to Prague soon, it seems like an amazing city! 🙂 xx

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