What I’ve learned from Blogmas 2017


what I learned from blogmas


And just like that, Blogmas is officially almost over! This is my final ‘proper’ Blogmas post (tomorrow I’ll be sharing my plans for Christmas and Sunday means a catch up post, telling you all about my week and rounding up all of my blogmas posts) and I can’t believe I’ve managed to do it. I’m a bit of a scatterbrain so the fact I’ve remembered to post every single day (even when hungover) is pretty astounding.

Completing Blogmas hasn’t been easy – It just so happens it coincides with the busiest month of the year – so sticking with it was a bit of a pain sometimes but I’m glad that I managed it. So with that in mind I decided that today I would share what I’ve learned from 22 days of solid posting:

Coming up with content is the easy part (for me anyway).

Coming up with ideas for posts was a piece of piss really and I always had a bank of ideas sat in the mind palace in case one didn’t work out or I changed my mind about posting it. The hard part was everything else – Getting photos, making sure the SEO was right, marketing it via social media….When you factor all that in Blogmas is exhausting if truth be told. Content-wise I’m really happy with everything I’ve put out there over the last twenty two days. There’s been a good mix of festive, reflective and fun and I feel that everything I posted was very ‘on brand’ (ergh shoot me) and didn’t lack authenticity or imagination (or is that just me tooting my own horn?). Regardless it was a lot of fun and I hope you all enjoyed it.

Blogging every day really can improve your stats, even more so if you give it 110%.

This actually relates back to the point above – If you master your imagery/SEO/marketing then I imagine Blogmas is hugely successful for your stats but even if you are like me and half arse it all (I instead chose to focus mainly on the content) you will still see an improvement. I don’t know if my stats will continue to increase or not but I’ve noticed my follower count has been rising on Twitter and Bloglovin so I’m hoping that that’s due to regular content going out and people liking what they read.

The whole ‘content starts to lack in quality’ thing is bullshit.

Before Blogmas I noticed a lot of negative Nancy’s saying Blogmas is a load of tosh cos people half arse their content but to be honest, I’ve seen the complete opposite from most people. I’ve really loved seeing peoples takes on Blogmas (I LOVED Maria’s merry hexmas over on Insta and BKY Rouncefield’s take on the challenge) and I know personally just how much effort I have put into making sure my content is fun, different but still in line with what I’ve been posting previously. I’ve worked really hard on my blog this month so to read that people think quality suffers over a challenge like Blogmas is a bit of a kick in the teeth.

You have to be RIDICULOUSLY organised to complete the challenge.

If I hadn’t of started prepping for Blogmas in October there would have been no way I would have completed the challenge. Throughout November I fleshed out my ideas, got all my drafts sorted, scheduled my posts on my Google calendar and then I spent the first weekend of December taking as many images as possible. If I hadn’t have done all of this I would have given up after day five because my schedule (and the lack of daylight) just wouldn’t have allowed me to finish it. Organisation is definitely key when it comes to Blogmas but if you came up with your posts the night before then Kudos cos I dunno how you did it!

I bloody hate photography but with some good lighting and a bit of patience I can pull together some alright images.

Creating beautiful photos is the worst part of blogging, especially when a lot of blogs are looking super editorial and professional. I’ve always been about the words but these days it seems to have a successful blog you need to have semi decent images accompanying your words. Over Blogmas I’ve given it a good crack – I loved my first week’s images but thanks to a snowy grey Sunday my second weeks weren’t quite as good – and I’m gunna continue trying to improve my skills. Currently I take my photos with my Nikon then edit them in the Iphone lightroom app and let me tell you, the auto mode in LR has been a GODSEND. Give it a go if you aren’t photographically inclined like myself.

All you will think about is Blogmas.

I’ve been looking at my January calendar throughout December and bar content centering around my Prague trip I have come up with zilch, nada, nothing – Literally all I’ve been able to think about is Blogmas and if my posts are okay or not. As this is the last week of Blogmas the fog has FINALLY started to clear and the ideas have started to slowly creep in, phew! I was worried that Blogmas had zapped me of all of my creativity but it appears that isn’t the case.

Whilst I really enjoyed taking part in Blogmas I don’t think I will be in any rush to do it again next year – Would you consider doing am onth long blog challenge or is it way too much hassle?

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