The Sunday catch Up #40

The Sunday catch Up #40

the sunday catch up - shoefie


Hey guys! And welcome to Blogmas day three! Today we are sticking with our regular programming and rounding up the week gone by in the Sunday catch up…

Starting Blogmas

I started small with Blogmas – a post on what I’m looking forward to in December and a post on why Christmas ROCKS – but this week I have some posts coming that I’m really pleased with. I actually really like all the content I’ve come up with and it doesn’t feel forced- I’m writing about things I’d have written about even if I wasn’t doing Blogmas so it all fits in with my blogging style very nicely.

Experimenting with make up and style again

For a while I got a little bit lost with my personal style, wearing the same things over and over again and bypassing make up but with new hair and a new sassy leopard print coat comes a new lease of life. I’ve not been bothering with eye make up over the last couple of months but I’ve started playing with colour and glitter again and I love it. I forgot how much I needed a bright, short hair style to feel like me.

A snowy lunch time walk with the pooch

On Thursday it started snowing quite heavily in Ripon and it just so happened to coincide with Bruce’s lunch time walk. Luckily I was wrapped up snug as a bug in my ASOS leopard print fur coat (more to come on that this week) so I wasn’t too cold and Bruce was running around like a maniac trying to see his ball in the flurry. I know snow can be inconvenient for some but I love it.

Broad City

TBH I’m really disappointed in myself for forgetting to include Broad City in last week’s Sunday catch up but it’s okay cos I’ve remembered today. Broad city centres around the lives of two NYC twenty somethings – It’s ridiculously but omg it makes me laugh harder than anything else I’ve watched in a long time. You can watch it on Sky On Demand til the 19th of January so the Christmas break is the perfect time to get caught up with it. There are 4 seasons (the fourth is currently showing on Comedy Central), each with ten episodes running at 20 minutes so it’s super easy to power through.

Seeing The View in Dundee

The View are Jody and I’s favourite band and on Friday night they held their last gig (they are going on hiatus) in their hometown Dundee. Obviously we weren’t gunna miss it so we made the 520 mile round trip there and back – Leaving Friday morning and arriving home Saturday afternoon. There’s a post coming on the hotel we stayed in and where we ate at some point this week so keep any eye out!

Coming home to Bruce

As much as I love Scotland and The View we now have a fur baby to think about so we had to put him in a local kennels for the evening. He had a bag packed with toys and we even rang later on in the day to check he had settled in okay. He was sulking a bit when we picked him up but once we got him home he was as right as rain. I’m not in any rush to leave him again that’s for sure.

Have a lovely week! Check back tomorrow for my fourth Blogmas post x

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