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The best glitters money can buy



If you ever meet me in real life then the chances are I will be wearing some sort of glitter, whether it’s on my eyes, my shoes or adorning my bag. The festive season pretty much means that it’s acceptable to wear glitter 24/7 no matter what the occasion so for todays Blogmas instalment I thought I would share my favourites.

Urban Decay heavy metal glitter liner

I’ve championed the Urban Decay heavy glitter liners for well over ten years now (I received a three pack for Christmas when I was 14/15) and I will probably still be raving on about them them when I’m an old lady with a purple rinse. They come in a huge variety of colours, don’t sting your eyes and can be as subtle or as in your face as you want them to be. I personally like to use them underneath my lower lash line with a cats eye on the upper for a statement look.

I currently own three: Midnight Cowboy, a gold that looks awesome with red and orange eyeshadows, Distortion, an iridescent which is great for more every day use as it makes for a nice inner eye highlighter and Gamma Ray, a blue that’s not quite as fun as the other two but still looks good on. At £15 a pop they aren’t cheap but if you are a bit of a magpie like I am you will definitely get your moneys worth.

Barry M Glitter Rush body glitters

The Barry M glitter rush body glitters have been on my wishlist for a while and a couple of weeks ago I finally cracked and bought two in the shades ultraviolet (purple) and aquamarine (teal). Both shades are extremely pretty and oh so sparkly but as most of you probably know, the fallout from loose glitter is unreal. I need to get a glitter fixer really but for now I’ve been using plain vaseline and it’s working out okay. At £4.59 these are actually pretty good value as you get a decent sized tub AND it even has a shaker so you can empty the amount you need into the lid.

Stila magnificent metals glitter & glow

The glitter & glow eyeshadows were announced at the beginning of the year and yes, I bought one as soon as Stila released a 20% discount code (cos no way am I paying £23 for a sparkly eyeshadow, even I’m not that keen). These eyeshadows have a super creamy consistency and they are so glittery it’s insane. They go on really smoothly and one sweep of the product is more than enough.

I have two – Diamond Dust, a silver that, you guessed it, looks like actual diamonds are sparkling on your eyelids and Rose Gold Retro, a rose gold that has shimmery golden flecks that catch the light beautifully. They released a red colour in one of their Christmas gift sets and I am PRAYING that it’s released as part of the general collection at some point in 2018.

The Body Shop shimmer body butter

If you are into looking like a festive fairy then shimmery body butter is definitely the one for you. I got my paws on this body shop coconut one ages ago (I think it was in the new year sales actually)  and after months of being shoved in a drawer, ’tis the season for it to come out and play. The body butter I have has the classic coconut scent -which is my joint number one favourite TBS scent (tied with Shea) – and let me tell you, this stuff is PACKED with glitter. I literally look like I’ve been rolling around in the stuff. It’s got quite a nice shimmer to it but if you have a v v v conservative office I don’t think they will appreciate it as most people will probably think it’s a touch OTT.

Unfortunately my shimmery body butter is long gone but I have found a couple of alternatives for you – Bomb Cosmetics shimmer body butter, The Body Shop sparkler and The Body Shop frosted berries shimmer mist.

Any recommendations?

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