The Sunday Catch up #44


Good morning guys! After a week’s hiatus (i.e a week spent rolling around in my jim jams stuffing my face with cold roast potatoes and pigs in blankets) I am BACK. I was starting to worry that Blogmas had killed my creativity but nope, I just needed a few days away from my MacBook.

I’m in a really good mood today and I’m feeling pretty positive about the new year that lies ahead of us. I still have a week and a half off work, I fly to Prague on Saturday and I’m finally going back to the gym (maybe, we shall see). I hope all of you have a wonderful new years eve (whatever it is you are doing) and I’m looking forward to sharing some 2018 content with you.

For now though, the week that was.

Time spent with some of my favourite people

Christmas is all about family for me and mate, I saw more of my family over Christmas than I’ve seen them all year (I’m kidding but you know what I mean). It was great though – A few festive drinks in the pub with my auntie, uncle, cousin and nannie, a manic visit from my parents, sister and her kids then cuddles on the sofa with our little family unit of three. We also spent Christmas Day night with some of our best friends and everyone was in such a good mood, it was great. I don’t know why we don’t all make more of an effort the other eleven months of the year.

An abundance of wonderful presents

For an almost 26 year old I didn’t do too badly on the old present front and I’m so grateful that I have such generous people in my life. Every present I got was lovely but highlights had to be tickets to see Wicked in London next year, a pencil drawing of Bruce and loads of Urban Decay and Kat Von D make up. Ooh and I got a Moz the Monster teddy (yes from the John Lewis ad) and it’s the softest snuggliest thing ever. I was well and truly spoiled this year <3

Cooking a Christmas dinner for the very first time

Even though I was only cooking for Jody and I I was still super nervous – It’s the biggest meal of the year and I was really worried that I was gunna cock it up. I had nothing to worry about though because it was bloody delicious. We went for beef and ham in the end and omg, we had so much leftover it was ridiculous. I’ve been getting a bit of ham or cold tatty every time I go to the fridge so I’m surprised I haven’t turned into a potato yet.

One spoiled puppy dog

So I’ve mentioned that I did pretty well on the old present front and do you know who else did? Brucey. My Nannie bought his some treats and a new ball (all of which are long gone), Jody’s god kids bought him a huge bone (which is long gone) and my parents got a hamper full of goodies for him (that he’s currently working on). My sister also bought the three of us a book based around Bruce called ‘Bruce’s adventures in Petlandia’ and it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Chuck in the pencil drawing and we definitely look like crazy dog people (then again I guess we are!).

Sorting the house out

I love Christmas, I am practically Mrs.Clause but once Boxing Day is over and done with I am more than ready to tear the tinsel down, pack away the ornaments and hoover up the (plastic) tree needles that are all over the carpet. The house looks a little bit bare now but it feels so much cleaner and tidier. I’m sad to say goodbye to Christmas but it will be back again next year…It’s nice to get back to normal isn’t it?

A surprise snow day!

Jody and I woke up on Friday to a blanket of snow on the ground so OBVIOUSLY we got up straight away to take Bruce out to play in it. After some gentle coaxing he was soon bounding through it chasing snowballs and it was really nice to get some fresh air (especially after three days spent eating leftover roast potatoes and becoming part of the sofa).

Oh yeah, I put a deposit down on a car!

One thing I’ve always wanted but have never had is a new (ish) car. I’ve always had old bangers, none of which have been manufactured later than 2004. Welllll, times have changed and I am now the proud owner of a purpley blue 64 plate Vauxhall Adam! It’s so swish compared to all of my previous cars and even though I’m tied into the finance for quite some time, I’m really chuffed to finally own a car from this decade. It’s in Carslisle at the moment but I’ll be picking it up when I get home from Prague – EEK!

And I guess that’s all from this week – Bye! 

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