The lazy girls guide to staying healthy in Winter


lazy girls guide to staying healthy in winter


Good health is something I’ve taken for granted my entire life but this year I got the kick up the butt I needed and have started to do a little bit of exercise and eat that little bit better. I think it’s easy to stay healthy in Summer – You are drinking more water, getting a boat load of vitamin D and spending a lot more time outdoors moving around – but in Winter it’s too easy to get into hibernation mode.

Dark nights, colder weather, better stuff on the tv…Why wouldn’t you want to stay curled up on the sofa?

I’ve mentioned before that I’m quite lazy so when it comes to staying healthy in winter, the easier the better really.

With this in mind I got my thinking hat on and came up with a couple of small changes that can be made with minimum effort

So here you go:

P.s Please keep it in mind that I’m not a doctor/trained medical professional so if you are unsure of anything always check with your GP.

P.p.s I wrote this long before the whole ‘be a vegan, don’t be a vegan, eat well over Christmas, don’t eat well over Christmas’ debates kicked off. I don’t care what you do in winter (or in spring, summer or autumn for the matter), I just thought I’d share a couple of easy tips on how I’m going to be staying healthy (ish) over the colder months.

The lazy girls guide to staying healthy in Winter

Sign up to some fitness classes

Going to the gym regularly is hard (and sometimes expensive) especially if you are lazy so why not sign up to a fitness class instead? You only have to go once a week (if that) and some gyms have great class only memberships in place OR offer bulk booking deals. Fitness classes are a great way to stay fit (imo) cos you can try out different ones until you find something you like, or you can keep mixing it up – Variety is the spice of life after all. I have a gym membership that includes free classes  so once a week I’ll try and do a metafit or a spin class. They totally kick my arse but I come out feeling great and I ache for days afterwards. Having an instructor pushing you helps aswell – It’s really easy to get complacent and lazy if you are in the gym doing your own thing.

Wrap up warm and go for a long walk – Maybe borrow a dog?

If fitness classes aren’t your thing/out of your budget then get yourself outside for a brisk walk. I of all people know how tempting it is to stay curled up inside with the heating on but it’s true what they say, fresh air really does blow off all of the cobwebs. Wrap up in your winter woollies, pour a hot drink into a thermal cup and borrow a buddy or a dog to keep you company. Not only is it good for your physical health, it’s good for your mental health aswell – Especially if you get some talking in at the same time.

Make a massive vat of soup on a Sunday night and tuck into it over the course of the week.

It is so bloody easy to go grab a sandwich or a hot pasty for your dinner (especially in Winter when it’s cold and you want all of the carbs) but I’ve found the best healthy option for me in the colder months has to be soup with some form of bready goodness. I recently bought a blender so now on a Sunday night I make a batch then store it in the fridge to dig into over the course of the week. I also got a thermal soup mug thing from ebay so if I want to take some to work to warm me up I can. Faves are leek and potato and creamy chicken and veg.

Invest in some vitamins.

Sure you should be getting your vitamins from fruit and veg but as someone who struggles to reach 5 a day that isn’t always possible. Instead I use vitamins to supplement my diet to make sure my body is getting all the good stuff it needs. At the moment I take multivitamins and cod liver oil from Tesco, aswell as a vitamin c effervescent drink thingy to make sure my immune system is doing ok. I’m not a doctor so they might not work for you but I find when I take my vitamins my skin is clearer and I’m a hell of a lot less fatigued.

Get a sleepytime routine in place and make sure you get enough Zzz’s.

Apparently sleep is one of the most important factors when it comes to being healthy and fit so make sure you are getting plenty of rest in Winter…But not too much or you will oversleep and be sluggish! The sleep foundation recommend anywhere between 6-10 hours (Jody can survive on six whilst I need at least 9 to function) so make sure you get a bedtime routine in place, are going to bed at a decent hour, turning off your phone and tv half an hour before bed and setting an alarm so you don’t sleep too much. You’ll feel much better for it!

But more importantly, don’t forget that it’s all about balance.

If you want to indulge in a greasy (delicious) takeaway or cancel a gym class in favour of watching re-runs of Friends then do it. My PT told me that most people fail when embarking on a fitness routine because they restrict themselves too much and end up bingeing – Instead do everything in moderation. If you want to finish off a tube of Orange Smarties (guilty) then do it…Then the next day go for a quick walk or have some healthy snacks instead. Don’t beat yourself up about it because at the end of the day all anyone can do is try their best.

How do you stay healthy in the winter?

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